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Suggestion: Fix the 4 months old problem...

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...that is showing people empty lobbies all the time. It's not an EOR MM problem, because you can't have an end of round issue if you never get to a round in the first place.


  • bfloo
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    Now we have a BoR issue.

    They said they fixed it....

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  • bfloo wrote: »
    Now we have a BoR issue.

    They said they fixed it....
    We've had it since July. Only comment was it has their highest priority. Good thing its only a game and not Emergency heart surgery.
  • Another 6 weeks and 2 updates later, still can't access Blast, Extraction, Strike or Starfighter levels.
    Game has been out for 2 years and for 1/4 of that its been seriously broken. No word on a fix.
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