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SOME positive feedback

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All of this is from my own experience and I understand I can not do statistics just from my only point of view.

Up to date:


- GA is more balanced and fun to play atm. More intense combats, more ppl attacking or defending objetives or strategic positions. More players involved in action at the same time. More matches ending in epic fights on last phase. Some steamrolling but no balancing system or game mechanics grants equal skill and always balanced gameplay on different circumstances.
- SA is more or less the same, but that is good because It always was a fantastic game mode (more maps please!).
- HvV is generally fun, but damaged with noob players that dont even bother in learning the basics, runners or exploiters, although in my case Im lucky to say that these are just a few. Better lightsaber combat would be appreciated (along with more team play on the players side).
- Blast is super fun to play, but imho It would be better without the spawn timer (spawn timer = 0).
- Strike got way better with the squad system, and objective based matches with few players and only infantry is a mode this game needs to care about (more maps would be really great).
- Extraction has always been fun, but just 2 maps? seriously?
- Hero SF Showdown, fun, but it needs some improving like a kill counter and respawn for the hero ships. Needs to transform into Hero SF Blast or Hero SF Strike (a team deathmatch or an objective based hero starfighter mode)
- Hero Showdown. Its ok as it is, and a way to have those pro skills really on test.
- Ewok Hunt. Well done but meh about its gameplay.

EOR Matchmaking System

- Ive had most of the problems reported here: longer waits to get a match, getting into empty or almost empty lobbies, forced to leave full servers to almost empty lobbies that never filled, problems to join the same squad with my friends party, some bad lag at moments. Ive had all these in all the modes. And even I had the 'play on the same side twice in a row' thing on Heroes vs Villains at least three times.
- In GA the EOR MM is fine when you are always in a full server, better game mechanics brought more fun and balanced games (at least in my experience).
- In SA EOR MM is awful, because every 2 or three maps destroys the lobby and ruin the game experience, forcing me to quit and research for a match. I guess that is because this is a game mode not so populated as others in the game.
- HvV. Im my experience EOR MM hasnt sent me to an empty lobby or almost empty lobby, I always find a game, and when EOR MM gets in action at the end of the round most of the times Im on a new lobby but with the most of the players I was in the match before, and no much waiting time to get new players for the free slots. I have to say is somewhat annoying to play on the same side two times in a row (It happened to me up to three times yesterday).
- Blast. Sometimes it took a while to find a lobby and sometimes add more time to get it full and ready to start the match, but when done I was generally able to play up to 7 or 8 matches without interruption, just a few seconds between maps for the server to get a few players for the free slots, but even noticeable.
- Strike, super long times to get a match. And pretty difficult to play map after map without waiting several minutes because I was lauched to empty/almost empty lobbies. Very frustrating.
- Extraction. Same as Strike.
- Hero SF Showdown. Almost impossible to get a match and when getting one, same as Strike or Extraction, I always end on quitting and play other game mode instead.
- Hero Showdown. Same problems as with Hero SF SD or Blast etc.
- Ewok Hunt, I barely play this mode.

Some positive feedback

Here today is holiday (All Saints Day holiday) and last night I went to bed at 5 am so I spent almost all night playing BF. I played mostly GA and I must say it was really really fun. Always full servers, and when EOR MM System searched for a new lobby most of the players in the new lobby were from the last one, and the server filled up very fast and matches were one after the other, really fun matches. I went to bed because at 5 am I was really exhausted but I didnt want to because I was having so much fun!.

PS: Today at this very time Ive not played the game yet; Ive read some dev report on 'EOR MM improving/tweaking on the back end' and some players reporting that is not working, or that is even "worse". Well, time to start again SW BF II and see it for myself.


  • Exceptional post. Well done sir. My experience is as yours. My two cents are this: 1. It shouldn’t auto-MM, but only when you hit the button. 2. It shouldn’t break a group out of it’s squad when it does MM.
  • Netero
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    What game are you playing? I never experienced anything like that in EA’s SWBF2
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