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Hero's and villans for consideration

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edited November 2018
These are all characters i would hope to see, aside from the ones we have and are due to have. I have heard about padmé and ahsoka so I haven't put them in either just there rival villan's that I think would bring some unique game play styles.

So for padme and ahsoka''s villans I believe that Aurra Sing & The Seventh Sister would be great, this isn't me discounting ventress I just think she would be better added with mother talzin, Luminara Unduli and Mace windu to finalise on clone wars characters I think Stass Allie, Captain Rex, Aayla secura, Dutchess Satine, there opposing villans could be Savage Opress, jango fett, Nute Gunray & pre vizla.


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