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Luminara and the seventh sister

Hi all so I had ideas for abilities if they were in game as I love them both,

- Telekenetic quake:
Allow's master UndulI to quake the ground around enemies knocking them over and inflicting damage with hurdles of debris from the remenent's of a tank or the very earth and rock's beneath her feet.

Luminara strikes at up to 4 enemies with a rush of speed, hitting enemies with the pommel of her saber causing concussions for a set time.

- MIRIALAN MASTER TRANCE: Luminara creates a protective sphere of force energies sort of like a officers shield but not permanent, allows allies weapon cooldowns and faster health regeneration. Luminara in turn heals for every ally affected.

Seventh sister:

- static choke: the sister holds enemies in stasis with her probe droids and chokes them with pure rage shattering trooper armor and flinging bodies to the floor.

The inquisitoress vaults into the air spinning her saber to dodge incoming ordinance, and get away from heros to regenerate her health.

Single saber:
Allow's the sister to change forms and turns of one of her blades to allow swift and descisive stikes


  • TonyGoombah1
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    edited November 2018
    If they bring saber copters into this game, infact if they bring that dumb made up [language] into any more star wars related movies, tv series, comics or video games i will stop loving star wars

    [Edited language]
  • ElfiGreen4 wrote: »

    The inquisitoress vaults into the air spinning her saber to dodge incoming ordinance, and get away from heros to regenerate her health.

    NO! Not now. Not ever. There are limits to what should be allowed to pass conceptualization into legitimacy. And this.... This is a mistake. A mistake -ALMOST- as great as the time travel plot device to save Ahsoka from being murdered by Vader.
    Mistakes of this level should be punished. Do not EVER let this tier of mistake leave the world of fanfiction, which is the only place it belongs; And then with an AU tag enforced.

    Heart of darkness beateth, Ultima
    Iron enigma treateth, Ultima
    Shielding light retreateth, Ultima
    Hydaelyn defeated. Ah, Ultima

    The fact is that if you're running it's because you suck, and the game shouldn't pander to players who suck.


    "I have never died to a Finn"
  • Alex64
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  • IronSoldier
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    Going to a pop a warning in here about language and remaining civil here.
  • I'm not saying the sister can use it as frequently as boba fett if you have a better ability then go ahead
  • No positive comment's as always just berating
  • If we’re talking potential female force users that should be added to the game I’d prefer Shaak Ti, Asajj Ventress or Ahsoka
    PSN: DarthLando-
  • Ventress and ashoka are no brianer''s there evidently going to end up in game. Personally the seventh sister was much more menacing than ventress in her fights with ashoka, I would say ventress was a hero if anything that yellow saber would be welcome among the hero's lol 😂😂
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