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Focused Feedback

HvV: Genuine feedback (not a call for nerfs)

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I love HvV, but I also hate it because it's so easy to exploit and create really awful experiences.

So, here is some feedback I think will truly help, without changing abilities.

1. Spawns. Spawns absolutely suck. No nice way to say this unfortunately. It's far too often that my teammates and I will spawn at the complete opposite end of the map. This often means that the next target is ready alone surrounded by enemies and there isn't enough time to back them up. Spawns should allow spawning on other heros out of combat, or else calculate locations better.
2. Target rotation too predictable. Honestly this is a tough one. It makes sense that every person gets a chance at the target, but I've found it far too easy to exploit. Prime can predict when they're up next and will kill themselves to swap heros. I've seen people sit and not spawn on enemy teams until it's their turn to be Boba Fett (and go hide). Additionally, it can serve to know who is next, and bring them down to low health shortly before the target engages allowing for a near instant scoring event. This has happened on about 50% of matches.
3. Targets need timers. Seriously, if you're out of combat for more than 1-2 minutes a the target you're 99% either hiding behind Takodana (more on that) or in an exploit spot hiding. If a timer is introduced that will switch targets after 60 seconds or so of no combat, it will force people to engage or risk target swap to a more vulnerable player, costing your team points as a punishment for exploiting maps and camping.
4. Takodana. Please, either move the arena away from the castle, or remove this map from HvV. As recently as 4 days ago its possible for Boba to get behind the castle and shoot through one of the tiny windows, but be unaccessible for everyone to shoot. It is also possible to fly up and land on an edge of the tower in the middle of the ramparts and hide out of reach. #3 could also solve this, but poor map design plagues this level.


What does the community think?

Short of this I've considered starting a megathread of "Known exploiters/poor sports" in which we can dump video proof of people exploiting or in some way completely ruining the experience and make a list. Then, if you join a game with that player simply leave, peer pressure from community. Either play right or no one will play with you, simple enough. GTAV has that great poor sport feature that matches you up with other jerks instead of proper players
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