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Bf 2015

I recently got battlefront 2015 and am loving quite different from bf2(which I had since launch). I had never played it before but am now wondering
1) are dlc still full online
2) do you get maps for skirmish
3) is season pass worth the wait


  • Anyone know the answers?
  • 1) At the Evenings (I'm in the UK on PS4) and weekends I can play the DLC - there are some groups you can join which are dedicated to getting DLC games going.

    2) You mean offline? Then nope, none of the DLC are Offline.

    3) Well you don't have to wait for it - if I were you I'd try getting in a sale (like over Xmas) - it was on sale recently, don't know if it still is.

    On a side note; The Bepsin maps and game modes are great (imo the best the game has to offer) The Outer Rim maps and modes are also great - and the Death star just looks so awesome (plus you can play as R2-D2).
    BUT - finding a game can be hard - finding group helps alot, and there are people dedicated to this.
  • Great game m8, far better than the current one imo.
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