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Having Battlepoints but No Heroes

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edited November 2018
Like the title says ever since the addition of Hero Healing Star Cards I'm sure many of you have found yourself with well over the amount needed to purchase a hero during Galactic Assault but with no hero being available to play. I think it is the perfect time to discuss a viable solution.

I was thinking maybe a hero queue that auto respawns you as the hero you choose when that hero becomes available could be a nice way to go. But ultimately what I would like to see is all heroes unlocked for Galactic Assault. It's supposed to be a big game mode so why not let all the heroes be available to play. Also the Hero Event was mostly well received. The thing that made it special was definitely the cost reduction to purchase a Hero. But during the event I experienced more balanced games playing PUG than since the game has launched specifically because BOTH SIDES were able to field Heroes for the offense and defense of the objective early on and throughout the match. How about you guys? What did you experience?

Its no secret that a lot of the time matches can be unbalanced for the simple fact that one side has earned enough points to field all four heroes/vehicles and the other side hasn't any on the field! But what are your thoughts? I think 8v8 or 6v6 Heroes during Galactic Assault at the normal cost is exactly what GA needs ESPECIALLY after the buff to their ability to stay alive during matches.


  • I’m so glad you posted this. Absolutely brilliant idea my friend! I’ve been meaning to make a post about this before.

    Even BEFORE the hero star card update I’ve had this issue. 405tux2nz6w1.jpeg

    It’s pretty annoying and the idea of battle points for heroes seems good on paper, but bad in reality when terrible players decide to hero hog and stay away from objectives so they think they look cool staying the heroes. I love the new hero cards! But by the same token encourages the weak and useless players not dying as the hero on point to take advantage of not dying at all.

    Additionally, what the heck is with the spawn timer on things? Why can’t we just take what we want, and then the clock starts. I’ve missed out on soooo many heroes, reinforcements, and vehicles just because I didn’t die at the right time? That’s unfair. I’ve seen so many people respawn just so they can snag something first. It’s sad when a gameplay mechanic encourages you to die. It all depends on when you get defeated because that’s the only time you can pick something new to spawn as! (A major gameplay flaw).

    A hero queue would be amazing! (Though I can see some potential issues) I think it’s a better alternative to getting lucky when you spawn.
  • Thanks. Im surprised this post hasn't got more response. Your screenshot is so accurate! Haha. I hope the devs see that players are waiting longer for heroes. I honestly think that unlocking all heroes for the Galactic Game Mode is key. It really is the one place where EVERYTHING happens. Starfighters, Troopers, Heavy Artillery, Vehicles and Heroes!
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