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Make a free for all starfighter gamemode like HS and SA with a twist.

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edited November 2018
I just want to say thanks and thank you for reading my post forum about the N-1 Naboo Starfighter flyable in HS in space than GA Naboo map. while I was flying my favorite star wars ship in space. I recently notice in HS in lunch that if you die in Hero Starfighter in a hero or villain you get to respawn in again but you get to choose your favorite starfighter, interceptor, and bomber class ship. it reminds me of starfighter squadron except that instead like rebels vs empire. but instead you get to choose your favoivrite class ship. from first order tie fighter to republic Y-wing to N-1 Naboo starfighter. and I know that HS was for HvV in space but when you die as a hero or villain or just crash from being one. you get to respawn your favorite class ship and best of all you get to rank up your class ship as you did in SA. what Im saying is please make a gamemode like starfighter squadron or hero starfighter or use starfighter assault but with a twist. turn to where the light side meets the dark side and there is no era but to choose your favorite class ship and go into battle and if you want hero ships as well just add battle points and it looks like where having a Light vs Dark side battle of any ships your using in battle. so what is the point of having a era battle of two teams going against each other if we can have a gamemode with just ships from all era together in one massive battle unless there is some people that still plays the SA the way it is same thing with HS but with a twist. so players can rank up and play their favorite star wars ships and not have to worry about the map and team rotations. just an idea to help players get to play their favorite ships while ranking up and enjoy that play style. please think about it or test it out on HS to think of it. Thanks and MTFBWY
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