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I Never Get Any of My Favorite Maps, Only Jakku and Tatooine

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Title. I believe this is a matchmaking thing but I never get Crait or Theed (my two favorite maps) the only one of my top three maps I ever get is Endor. I will make a list of maps I seem to get over and over again, maps that I sometimes get, and maps that I almost never seem to get.

Over and over again:

Jakku (my least favorite map)
Tatooine (it's ok, I think it's decent)
Takodana (this map is so horribly unbalanced it's insane)
Starkiller Base (again I don't like this map)
Kashyyyk (I actually really like this map but it lasts for so long that I don't want to play it over and over)
Hoth (I do like this map, I think it's cool)


Death Star II (I love this map but sadly I don't get it very often)
Endor (This is such an awesome map and I do get it sometimes, just not as much as some others)
Kamino (The graphics are amazing and overall I like it but some phases are unbalanced)

I almost never get these:

Crait (whoever designed this deserves a medal it's genius)
Theed (just awesome in every way)
Yavin IV (i'm actually glad I don't get this because I have never liked it.)

Am I missing any maps? Have you guys been experiencing this?
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