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fix the dang hero selection screen

See title


  • i agree, this never happened before the recent update
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  • It's driving me nuts, you can't change your hero selection once you pick one, and the selection indicator is gone
  • The other day it wouldn't even let me pick a hero. It said random hero selected and then just sat there not putting me in the game.
  • Yeah fix it! That can´t be that hard.
  • Not to mention the difficulty changing characters, mid-match.
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  • In H v V you have to change heroes while the spawn timer is still going otherwise it won’t let you. As soon as you die hit respawn and deselect your character and change quickly. That’s the only way i can do it at the moment.
  • "its a known bug" but yet it just came with this update. -_-
  • HvV is such a mess. They even managed to screw up the selection screen.
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