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Armored Vehicles & Starfighter's Health Adjustment for GA

My biggest issue with particular vehicles in GA is how hard it can be to destroy them at times because after a couple of seconds away from the battle they can restore their health to full. The most frustrating vehicles to deal with in GA are the AT-STs and each of the star fighters just doing endless strafe runs. Just a few months ago they buffed the ion torpedo to counter this problem. I did agree how the ion torpedo became a bit too powerful as so many heavies were using the ion torpedo to bring down the vehicles they became useless resulting in a nerf. The nerf did well enough until DICE decided to nerf the ion torpedo again because they thought it was still too strong. As a result, it has gotten harder to destroy AT-STs from the front and the star fighters as they continuously dodge and star fighters such as X-Wings & Y-Wings are too hard to get rid of as three ion torpedoes aren't enough to destroy them while they both have repair functions.

I would've been totally okay with the ion torpedo nerf if the armored vehicles and star fighters didn't have the capability of returning to full health. I can only live with the full heal during Starfighter Assault. I understand why DICE decided to allow them to heal to prevent them from simply hiding in the back while at low health, but a damaged vehicle healed back to full by just going in the back doesn't make sense at all. Perhaps the best solution to this so the infantry unit feels like he accomplished something when dealing damage to vehicles is to have their health work similarly to heroes. If an AT-ST loses half its health, then it can't go back to full at all. This should apply to every vehicle except the speeder class as they're armor is far lower than armored vehicles and star fighters. The other exception would be the AT-RT as it has the repair function which should work as such as it doesn't restore all of its health when greatly damaged compared to an X-Wing's astromech repair function.

Simply have the vehicles, which are not speeders and AT-RTs, not be able to restore full health when severely damaged to value anti-vehicle weapons for better balancing as the AT-STs are incredibly annoying to destroy when they're all over the place and starfighters that are hard to attack with skilled pilots.
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