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Luke Skywalker is absolutely terrible in SWBF2 and what he has become is a disgrace

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I have stayed away from the forum for a while now, only to resurface twice since, for several reasons. A central reason, however, is because I feel as if I have given endless feedback on what I feel strongly about in this game yet the game has seemingly only gotten worse in the categories that matter most to me. I have put hundreds of hours into this game through Xbox and PlayStation. My friends have done the same. Together, we total thousands of hours of game experience. We play this game almost everyday together. We typically discuss the issues that have plagued this game for a while now. When we post topics, we are generally speaking from thousands of hours of combined experience. I also played SWBF1 and put hundreds of hours of gameplay into it across PlayStation and Xbox. I say this because I want to make it clear that we are qualified for the subjects that we speak on.

I feel strongly for the topic of hero balancing. I mainly play HvV but I sometimes (begrudgingly) play Galactic Assault. For this thread, I am focusing on the overall ineffectiveness of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, A Legend in Heroes vs Villains.

First, I'd like to give y'all some basic information on Luke Skywalker:
  • Health- 750
  • Max Regeneration- 200
  • Lightsaber damage- 100/120
  • Push damage- 90
  • Repulse damage- 75
  • Rush damage- 100
  • Lightsaber stamina- 10 swings; second-most blocking stamina; third fastest stamina regeneration
  • Push cooldown- 20 seconds
  • Repulse cooldown- 20 seconds
  • Rush cooldown- 5 seconds per Rush

I have had a major issue with the way Luke Skywalker has been built in this game. His role in this game - and in the last game - is supposed to be a "glass cannon" or a "hit-and-run" character. This means that while he is supposed to be fast and have high damage, he should subsequently have moderate survivability. The last game hit the mark with this character design. Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, A Legend was very fast, agile, and had high damage with Push being the strongest ability in the game, in terms of damage output, but he had a moderate health pool. In this game, however, it is a shame to see what he has become. While he still has moderate health, his damage output, speed, and agility has decreased substantially.

While Luke may have the fastest footspeed in the game, other means are used to move around the map. Some examples are spin/dash abilities and dodging. While Luke may be the fastest light side hero, he is the fourth fastest hero overall, as the dark side has three other characters that are faster than Luke Skywalker. Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and Emperor Palpatine are all faster and more maneuverable than Luke. This is unacceptable from a balancing standpoint to have three characters from one faction faster than the fastest character of the opposite faction. I am not advocating for a movement speed nerf to any dark side character. However, I am advocating for a movement speed buff for Luke Skywalker. I have seen the patch notes from the February patch (I.e. the patch that ruined this game) which state that the movement speed of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, A Legend was increased as much as possible without breaking his running animation. I am here to let the development team know that no one looks at their character's feet while playing! No one looks at their character's feet while in combat! It is not game-breaking for a character to be moving slightly faster than their feet are hitting the ground. The last game allowed Luke to run as much as 80% faster with Trait 3 activated. No one complained that Luke's feet were not hitting the ground as fast as he was running. People don't care about something as minuscule as this. We had fun with Luke in the last game because of how fast he was. I am not advocating for his Trait 3 speed to be implemented into this game due to obvious balancing issues it would create. What I am advocating for is for Luke's Rush ability to be improved. I propose that Luke's Rush temporarily increase Luke's movement speed by x% for 3 seconds after Rush.

In the patch that increased Luke Skywalker's swinging stamina from 8 swings to 10 swings this summer, the development team admitted that Luke Skywalker was "not in control of his saber swings." Their inept solution was to increase his swinging stamina but conceded that it was possible that, since Luke's swing speed is below average, his saber damage may have to be increased in the future. I am here to say now is the time to increase Luke Skywalker's saber damage. Firstly, his lightsaber swing stamina is not unique anymore. Among the characters that have stamina, two have more swinging stamina than Luke and two have the same swinging stamina as Luke. Darth Vader and Rey have swing speeds that are faster than Luke Skywalker, yet they also have more lightsaber damage than Luke. General Grievous has similar swinging speed to Luke (though I am almost certain Grievous' is slightly faster) yet General Grievous has substantially more saber damage than Luke. It is not fair that characters that have faster saber swings than Luke also have much more saber damage than Luke Skywalker. To go a little further into the issue to prove my point, Rey has a base of 110/130 saber damage, Darth Vader has a base of 120/140 saber damage, and General Grievous has a base of 130/260 saber damage. With certain abilities on, Rey's saber damage increases to 120/140 and Darth Vader's increases to 135/155. With certain star cards equipped, the maximum saber damage for Rey is 135/155 and the maximum saber damage for General Grievous is 160/320. Compare that to Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, A Legend's base and maximum saber damage of 100/120. I have two suggestions to alleviate this issue. (On a side note, the saber damage of Darth Vader and General Grievous needs to be substantially nerfed). My first suggestion is to change Deflection Mastery, one of the worst star card's ever created and the worst star card for Luke, to Luke Skywalker's stamina card and change Jedi Fighter to a star card that increases Luke Skywalker's lightsaber damage to a maximum of +15. My second suggestion would be to increase Luke Skywalker's saber damage to 110. Either way, his saber damage is too low given his saber swing speed and the development team has acknowledged this. It's time to take action.

My next point has to deal with Luke Skywalker's awful abilities. I would first like to say that I cannot overstate how disappointed I am with the way Luke's force abilities work against him. His force abilities push enemies away from him and he does not have the speed to close the gap between him and the enemy to provide any follow-up damage. My next issue is that his force abilities often don't even work. There's times where the damage is applied but the enemy affected is not displaced. There's times where the ability randomly goes on cooldown because it was overridden by an enemy's ability. There's times where the abilities don't even affect the enemy even though they were not blocking, dodging, or rolling. First and foremost, you must fix the registration issues with Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, A Legend's force abilities. His abilities deal low damage. Rush is the worst of the Rush/Dash/Spin abilities wielded by other characters. Yoda's Dash deals 130 damage and goes through block. Darth Maul's Spin deals 100 damage and travels twice the distance as Luke and Yoda's Rush and Dash, respectively. Luke's Rush deals 100 damage, doesn't go through block, and travels a small distance. I gave my suggestion on how to improve Rush in a paragraph above. Luke Skywalker's Push and Repulse deal a combined 165 damage. Compare that to Darth Vader's Saber Throw that deals 150/300 damage, depending on whether or not it hits the enemy once or twice. Compare that to Yoda's Unleash that deals a maximum of 200 damage. Compare that to Darth Vader's overpowered Choke with Punishing Grip that deals 192 damage alone while Luke Skywalker's Push and Repulse with Epicenter deals 205 damage. I can continue with the examples but I hope that everyone gets the point: his abilities deal weak damage. My suggestion is to increase the damage of each ability to 100. As I stated above, Luke's Push and Repulse are each on a 20 second cooldown. I find that to be ridiculous considering how nonthreatening each ability is. Compare this to Darth Vader's Saber Throw that is on a 8 second cooldown and can go through block. Compare that to Iden Versio while having the broken Droid Batteries star card equipped, which decreases her Shock cooldown to 7 seconds and Shield cooldown to 8 seconds. Those abilities are obviously more threatening than Luke's force abilities so it is quite perplexing to me that they can be on much shorter cooldowns than Luke's force abilities. I propose that the cooldown of Luke Skywalker's force abilities be shortened to no less than 10 seconds but no longer than 15 seconds.

Some side notes I'd like to make: Luke's Rush Immunity star card is currently at 15% damage reduction for 3 seconds after using a Rush. This card can and should be improved upon, given that Luke has to be in CQC of his enemies and he has the lowest maximum regeneration of all lightsaber users. I'd propose increasing that percentage to 25% damage reduction. Another side note I'd like to make is that each Jedi's personal effectiveness or overall team effectiveness is nowhere near as effective as any dark side saber user or force user. That is unacceptable from a balancing standpoint. Seeing how overpowered some aspects of General Grievous are (I.e. saber damage) and understanding the trend of making dark side lightsaber users and force wielders substantially better and more serviceable than the Jedi, I fear that Obi Wan will be made similarly to Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master, A Legend, and that is a weak pushover (no pun intended).

A complete and comprehensive rebalancing needs to be introduced into this game now more than ever. I've used this thread to talk about the changes I view as necessary to making Luke Skywalker decent yet balanced. Due to how strongly I feel on the issue of how grossly unbalanced heroes are in this game, I will ping @F8RGE , @Guillaume_Dice , and @T0TALfps for the hope of this thread getting more visibility.

Thanks for reading my long post. Please keep in mind that I am making these statements and suggestion pertaining to Heroes vs Villains.
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