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Can you please fix Han's Shoulder Charge and Give it A Buff?

Han's Shoulder Charge has a very small hit box and is VERY inconsistent. General Grievous has a VERY generous hitbox and is one of the most consistent hero abilities in the game.So, we know it's possible for this ability to be be improved for Han.

Could you give Han a buff to his SC hitbox? As it stands now, you have to be dead center of your target for it to register, and then half the time it does nothing, making it the highest risk/reward ability in the game.

Suggestion - Add to Han's Broad Shoulder star card, to give an increased damage buff all g eight he damage reduction.


  • Fogcityroller
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    edited November 2018
    Either the hit box needs to be increased or movement needs to be significantly better while using it. On console it's insanely hard to maneuver. It feels so stiff and unnatural. If you miss a target you run past like a clown with your back to everyone and with the recovery time it's guaranteed death. I love playing Han in HvV and I very rarely use the ability.

    It might be better on PC with kb+m but this ability is dog doodie on console.
  • every Han that tries to Shoulder Charge me gives a Lol moment, vice versa..

  • Yes need a buff, it is the worse ability in the game.
  • DarthCapa2 wrote: »
    Yes need a buff, it is the worse ability in the game.

    That's actually belongs to staff strikes & shoulder charge doesn't suck
  • I also think his SC needs a buff. It’s actually not terrible if you’ve got some distance between you and the target. But it needs a buff in CQC. If I’ve got Vader swinging on me I should be able to pop a SC and knock him off of me. Right now in that situ it does absolutely nothing.
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  • Its glitched as well, knockdown isn't even guaranteed, this is what happens when you use it on a Heavy. Last game had it right, just remove the insta kill and add AOE knockdown like Grievous.

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  • You guys are gonna make me rich......
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    That Specialist rework was disappointing.

  • Its ok damage wise but i think that it should always knock down enemies. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t.
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