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SWBF1 Hutt Contracts and DLC Maps - Looking for Players or Clan

Howdy All. I'm Latiron (Matt) and my twin daughters and I are looking for some players to join in and play SWBF1 on the DLC maps and such were we can continue and earn our Hutt contracts. It stinks when a new version of a game comes out and people stop playing the older one. Seems we are never online when others are and when we are, no one wants to play the content we need. Anyhow, we are also looking for a family friendly clan or group we could be a part of that routinely plays SWBF1 and/or SWBF2. I am not great at these games, but I'm a team player and enjoy having fun and helping out. I am really looking for players who don't use filthy language in text format or Voice Mode if that mode is what we all use. If this if something you or your clan/group are interested in or are like, please let me know how we can get together. Thanks everyone. And MTFBWY!!!

(Corny and Cheesy I know, but I'm a Dad)


  • If Xbox i could look into it but itd hafta be a weekend thing because due to bein in the military week days are busy days. Maxed out rank on SWBF1 with over 200 hours of gameplay. and im a Decent player For SWBF2. Not a part of a group but wen ur a one man army u dont need a group lol. Gamertag is Aderpymuffino0
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