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We Need More Blaster Heroes

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edited November 2018
With the addition of Anakin and Dooku the game has become overrun with lightsaber users. Personally, I don't like using lightsaber based Heroes, so all these new Heroes being released don't really excite me. Anyways one major problem I've noticed is if after the above two Heroes are released and if Dice finally decides to get strict with Heroes and Eras, the PT maps will only have Bossk and Chewbacca as a blaster characters. That's completely unacceptable. Yes, there's rumor of Padme, but her alone doesn't solve the problem.

Here's a list of possible PT blaster based Heroes: Aurra Sing, Cad Bane, Cato Parasitti, Cody, Rex, and Typho.


  • The only heroes on your list that might happen are Cad Bane and Rex. The rest are too unpopular. Very few people know who Cato and Typho are. Padme and Jango will happen, and maybe Cad Bane and Rex. This would give 3 blaster heroes on each side for the PT, which is acceptable. There is no way the others on your list will happen.
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