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Add Friendly Fire

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edited November 2018
There are too many ***** playing the game and they need to die through friendly fire. I'm tired to players cutting in front of my line of fire and the spawning on players has made it worse. I had the perfect sniper shot on Starkiller Base and some ***** spawns and runs right in front of me just as a press the trigger shooting him instead. Players need to respect other players' space and their line of fire. If I see a person shooting I do my best to dodge roll or jump over their line of fire, because I respect my teammate.


  • No thanks. The amount of trolling would make playing unbearable
  • bfloo
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    A friendly fire weekend would be so much fun :)
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  • jonci
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    bfloo wrote: »
    A friendly fire weekend would be so much fun :)

    New mode "extermination" or definitely a version of "battle royal" >:)
  • Put in a “hardcore” mode with FF on.

    I share your frustration with teammates cutting in front of me while I engage an enemy, which contributes to getting us both killed.
  • I agree that it is annoying. I don't think adding friendly fire would be a good idea though. That would make this game impossible to play. What should happen is they should fix spawning on a teammate so that they always spawn behind where the player is facing.
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