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[PS4] Looking for Players w/Mics for GA & HvV

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edited November 2018
I mainly play GA & HvV, I'm just looking for people to squad up with, to communicate and play objectives. I'm tired of playing with randoms who never play as a team. I've been playing since day one, almost have all classes maxed and typically get top 3 in GA. I'm on almost every evening so, if you're interested add me on PSN: TooRawMcMuffin
Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield
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  • Hey mate. Can I look you up on psn? Just started Battlefront. Really like it, I am not skilled in shooters, however I really want to commit time and get better at BF2. Would you put some time in with me to help me improve and work out best upskill trees etc. I am mature bloke with mic.
  • Yeah if I haven't already added you, go ahead! I've got a nice little group going already.
  • Hey, you still looking for people to run with in GA and HvV for PS4?

    I've been playing this game since launch as a solo player and I feel like I've reached the end of my rope. I think actually running with some other people and communicating might be a breath of fresh air.

    Anyways, I'm 41 with a mic and pride myself on focusing on objectives. I run mostly Assault, but will occasionally switch to Officer and run support if I feel my aim is off so that I can help the team.

    As for HvV, I'm not the greatest and I'm not the worst.... But I do try to stick together with my team.'

    I'm on pretty much every evening.
    Add me for PS4 if you're interested- Wyldesyde
  • I play HvV every evening if you are looking for a good teammate. I want a solid group of 4
  • I'm half decent, bored of playing on my own, don't play as much I would like to but hey hoe that's adulthood for ya. If ya wanna catch me online sometime that'll be great

  • Cane_danko i usually play everyday
  • Zero0_Charyzmy , feel free to add me. Im fresh newcomer <3
  • Cool. I feel the same way. I'll add you when I log on tonight. PSN CoalFired
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