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No Match for a Good Blaster

Starfighter Blast

In addition to other modes that really should be added (Hero Blast, Turning Point, Hero Hunt, Legacy 2015 HvV), another one just occurred to me: Starfighter Blast!

Hero Starfighter Blast would be great, too.

It would be easier to add new and ported maps for Blast modes with no objectives. Bespin Airspace, Death Star Surface, all sorts of stuff.


  • This does sound like fun. Just pure dogfighting. Unfortunately I don't think I would find enough people to play the mode. Hero Starfighters matches take so long to fill, and you can start as a hero ship. And it only requires 6 or 8 players. So a blast mode of just normal fighters probably wouldn't fill either.

    However Starfighter assault is my favorite mode by far, and I would happily see any changes. So if blast happens, I'll be there to shoot you down.
  • Would be easy, making an online version of the arcade version of Starfighters would be a good start.
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  • Other than Hero Hunt, I like the mode ideas mentioned.
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  • Unwarycoin wrote: »
    Other than Hero Hunt, I like the mode ideas mentioned.
    I'm not big on playing heroes, so I've no skin in the game. But I mention it because I hear a lot of people wanting to kill infantry while playing a hero.
  • I posted the same already you copy cat.. Jk doesnt matter who mentions this more people the better. Fun mode to be added on the maps you cane only rarely fly in in GA.

    Starfighter Blast incoming!
    My priority list:

    1. Fix Split screen mode bugs
    2. Fix bugs
    3. Bigger play area for Duel mode
    4. More love for Starfighter modes
    5. First Person only mode
  • Meh, I rather them focus on trooper based modes rather than creating starfighter stuff.
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