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Hidden place in Takodana (HvV)

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edited November 2018
Hello guys!

I noticed that in HvV there's a hidden place somewhere upstairs Maz Kanata's Castle where people go and cannot be found.
It's really annoying, 'cause it makes the match last too long.
Does anyone else noticed that?

Hey devs, are you aware of that?


  • Needs to be fixed. It is on the one side of the castle that can be reached. There is a small area there where a hero can stay and not be out bounds. . For example. In HvV. If rey hides there. She can see approaching villians...use her mind trick and be safe . So until the villain target dies it's a lost battle. Really annoying. Makes games go one forever and I'm sure it's being used in collaboration with other players to level up heroes quickly.
  • Should be under the bugs and tech issues
  • It’s just this tiny spot on the left of the outside of the castle that’s inbounds near a wall but you have to go out of bounds to reach it. I asked devs just to extend the parameters to include 10’ around the entire castle outside...they ignored me. If they had listened your issue would be fixed and we’d have another way to sneak around with the Cargo in Strike.
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  • joekvng17 wrote: »
    Should be under the bugs and tech issues

    No one take care of this. There are a lot of exploits that are existing for month.
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