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Question About Map Boundaries

I was playing on Naboo in GA last night as the CIS, and as I ran down the "right side" of the map of Theed along the river I saw the bridge taking you across the river. Then a thought occurred to me...

In the original BF2 (2005) a similar bridge existed in Theed and you could actually cross it and wander to the other side of the river to capture a command post (I think the post was there). In BF2, that bridge is inaccessible because it's out of bounds (as is the the cityscape across the bridge).

Recently, I've read a developer comment (maybe F8rge, maybe VestalViking can't remember) that mentioned opening up the maps, or at least opening up the boundaries on the already massive Geonosis.

So, if the out of bounds limitations were lifted, I wonder how much more of the out of bounds areas on Galactic Assault maps are actually playable? Another 10%? 20%? 50%?

I understand the need to limit boundaries in order to direct the flow of traffic and play in a linear style game mode, but if the dev team were to open up the playable boundaries how much more playable area would there be? Can anyone shed any light? Devs? Data miners? Game changers?
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