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Do we want more First Person gameplay?



  • Only I find the first person in terms of
    gameplay much better than the third?

    When I play in third place always in the last places while when I play first I am always among the top 10 with many kills.

    I think the reason is that in the third person you distract yourself too much on the details of your character, even if the first person in graphics and sound effects is quite bad.

    What do you think about it?
  • DarthJ
    6901 posts Member

    I play 3rd person, as I did in the old BFs. It just feels right and fairly unique for a shooter.

    PSN: ibrajoker59
  • @Caggiamichele59 I find myself at a disadvantage playing FP, to fight effectively you have to always be on the move, and it's easy to lose track of you opponents this way, whereas TP gives you a much wider FOV
  • All those cosmetic skins wouldn’t mean much if I was forced into first person all the time.

    That said, I would love the option for 1st Person reinforcements and blaster heroes. Especially if we get a Clone Commando, I would hope they capture the hud just right.

  • il96
    597 posts Member

    What?! how is that even something you would suggest - I use 1st person. Just stay on 3rd and move along

    PS4 ButtersAgain
  • I would like to play 1st person much more. But the FOV indeed usually gets me killed. Not used to it.

    And I admit I did not unlock these skins to be forced not to see them. Though on a Event, hence something temporary, I'd love it ! But all classes would need it not to create unbalance.

    I'm all on extending it to heroes and reinforcements. I'm all on reviving hunt mode with more 1st person battlefields.
  • Cane_danko
    1269 posts Member
    When the coveted offline content comes i could see myself playing first person for that.
  • No thanks
    My name is Bob

  • Alex64
    8152 posts Member

    I hate First person View

    1258 posts Member
    I wish aiming was better in first person, not just the scopes but the heavy weapons too. Also better climbing, like vault animations and that stuff.
  • il96
    597 posts Member

    I think 3rd person holds me back TBH, ill take not knowing where a grenade is/having an opponent peak corners over keeping my aim down sights lined up all day. My eye stays very focused on that bullseye and i dont miss!

    PS4 ButtersAgain
  • Yes please, this game would be so much better if we can have first person views on all units.
  • tts42572
    1172 posts Member
    Personally, I'm not a first person player.  There's plenty of other first person shooters out there.  It's rare to find good third person shooting games though so I think that is something that sets this game apart.

    I think it's great that they give people the option to play both ways....most games don't.

    So I'd say leave things as they are.  If this game ever changed into a first person only game I'd definitely not buy it.

    Frankly, I wish there were more third person shooters.  For me it's basically this game and Uncharted that have done third person well.
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