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Focused Feedback: Arcade



  • Hey! this game is great! anything larger scale on arcade would be great. Vehicles, larger maps, more AI...…. but whatever you do, PLEASE do it with 2 player! I love playing star wars with my bf and my friends and to do it on a grander scale would be even better. Cheers!
  • p.s - the ai on jabbas palace spawn in the walls and walk through them with ease. also make heroes ai! so we can have heroes vs villains on arcade. with 2 player. lol
  • I like having access to all the heroes in arcade. What I get annoyed at is not having access to all their other skins. I play this game offline only and the amount of credits you earn in arcade takes forever to build up. So unlocking these skins is impossible.

    I would love to have bigger maps added to arcade. The small maps get boring quickly. It would be amazing to have the whole map to explore.

    More modes!! Only having 3 modes in arcade isnt enough.

    Having a villain/hero bot on the opposing team would be good too.

  • Please make Arcade playable with friends, both coop and versus, with completely customizable match settings allowing for 1v1, and 4v4 group play, with or without bots.

  • Fox Split screen mode
    Fix many bugs
    Fix controls
    Fix appearance option
    Fix interactive holo in map
    Fix using Emotes
    My priority list:

    1. Fix Split screen mode bugs
    2. Fix bugs
    3. Bigger play area for Duel mode
    4. More love for Starfighter modes
    5. First Person only mode
  • Arcade feed, Finally!! I’m so happy to see this come up!

    What I feel that would really give the offline community a lot of love is a revamped “arcade mode”.

    What this means to me is (for single player portion), give the single players something to unlock both with current content, and the new content to come in future updates,this being new trooper,hero,starships skins and any others I missed. And other possible ideas you could come up with. Also I see a big opportunity to allow the offline players to make and create their own soilder, instead of using bland preset characters.

    This is something said a lot, and I feel should be continued to be said, and that is of course, bigger maps. Im going to make my own rendition though by saying, I would like to see a massive conquest mode with 40 on 40 bots. This way you could have 20 on 20 on the ground, and 20 on 20, in the air, with the ability of course to spawn or fly to your part of the battle you’d like to take part in. In this “conquest” the maps will have objectives, either command posts, defending/taking over an area, shutting down uplinks/turning them on, blowing up targets to name a few, these of course would be apllied to the maps respectively.

    Would love to see A.I heros, and lightsaber fights! But have the option to turn them on or off, also would like to see A.I hero starfighters.

    Would love to have up to 4 player couch/online co-op

    Small skipable cutscenes before and after a match, would be a welcome addition to set the mood. (Don’t see why this would be difficult considering it’s already on the online portion. Out of all the players you did that for in the vinilla game, it was the online. Most of those people just want to get to the action.)

    This definitely is just my hard opinion, but get rid of battle scenarios. Just throw it away. Also get rid of onslaught. But with onslaught, just give us the options in the menu to set up a wave based battle.

    Keep the game modifiers!

    This could also be tied to a mention I made about customizable characters earlier. On the battlefront, allow the player to earn rank by completing challenges or earning medals, or something to that nature, that would allow us an option to have a small squad of A.I troops (that also gives me a plethora of ideas) and the number of troops you can lead depends of course on rank.

    Have more battle chatter. This is what I mean with a small example, it would be nice to have more characters on either side keep you the player updated on what’s going on around on the battlefront and where it could be a good idea to focus your efforts. But do not bumbared the player, as it is ultimately his/her choice.

    Definitely keep the basic Battles and star fighter for death match fun.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, I still have more ideas, but this literally got me so excited to see that you where doing this, that everything came screaming to my head at once. Please continue to make this game great, I want to dump a lot of time in this game, but as it stands right now as a singlular player gamer, it’s really hard to get absorbed in. But all the possibilities for an amazing single player experience is right at your finger tips! Continue to listen and be true to your fans, and of course!
    May the force be with you.
  • As lot's of already mentioned Survival, I'd like to see Survival mode in a bit modified way, like with unlimited rounds (not capped at 15 level, or so) with ever increasing difficulty each round.

    Also, make Survival for hero-only characters as well. And please, if, for instance, you've managed to pass some survival level (10, 15, 20, etc.) with a hero let him/her earn experience score for that character so that it would pass back to multiplayer, i.e. that way you could make a progression for your multiplayer characters.

    Same for Star Ships.

    It is very hard to do a progression for Heroes in Multiplayer, either you're waiting long in lobbies, or you met a team with "uber" experienced players, so you almost have no chance to win, and that ruins the game for me.

    Such Arcade mode would at least provide a small but steady experience to travel back to Multiplayer to fight back with "purple" foes.
  • I realized there were some features and issues I forgot to mention in my initial post on page four of this thread.
    BTL-A4_Ace wrote: »
    Arcade would be my absolute favorite mode if it weren't for the severe lack of content, features, options and functionality. Playing Multiplayer online can be tons of fun, but it can also be extremely stressful if you have problems with major lag, and frequent encounters with cheaters, lousy teammates who won't play the objective, or players with a generally toxic attitude. It puts a serious damper on the experience, to say the least. Arcade could be the perfect place for players to just relax and enjoy this amazing game, but it desperately needs some tender-loving-care.

    One thing that's really frustrating is how online support is absent from Arcade. We need it so we can play Co-op and Versus without having to share a screen (even the last Battlefront included online support for Missions and Skirmish for cooperative and versus fun on our own screens, and it was fantastic). This is doubly important for PC players because, without split-screen functionality (again), they are stuck with a version of Battlefront II that is completely devoid of Co-op and Versus modes. Essentially, PC players are paying the same price as console players for a version of Battlefront II that contains less content and features. This is not right.

    Another, more serious issue is how most maps, game modes and other aspects are only available to play online in Multiplayer. Battlefront II is an absolutely amazing game, and I really don't want to see it end up like the last Battlefront - so much potential that went to waste. Battlefront is largely unplayable now because the vast majority of it's content is only available to play online for a player base that no longer exists. Especially on the PC version. Players paid good money for a game they can only enjoy a fraction of now because most of it was shortsightedly locked behind online modes, and never added to Skirmish. Even now, it's still extremely upsetting to think about. Please don't do this to Battlefront II. PLEASE expand and enhance Battlefront II's Arcade!

    Requests and Suggestions:
    • Add an improved version of Skirmish alongside Battle Scenarios, Custom Arcade and Tutorial where all of the maps and game modes available in Multiplayer are playable with the AI. Either alone, or with a friend.
    • Add online functionality.
    • Add split-screen functionality to the PC version.
    • Add Co-op and Versus to the PC version.
    • Add the "top five players" screen at the end of a match.
    • Add a playlist feature.
    • Add an option to "switch faction and replay" after a match.
    • Add support for AI Special Units, AI Heroes and AI Hero Ships.
    • Add the new squad system to all appropriate modes for the player to use with the AI and another player.
    • Allow support for a maximum of 20v20 for Team Battle and Starfighter Team Battle.
    • Add the ability to select the time of day for the appropriate maps.
    • Add the ability to select Appearances, Emotes and Victory Poses at the pre-round screen.
    • Add the ability to select any combination of AI Trooper, AI Special Unit and AI Starfighter classes allowed in the match, and the ability to select them separately for each team.
    • Add the ability to select which AI Heroes and AI Hero Ships are allowed in the match.
    • Add the ability to select the AI Health and AI Difficulty settings separately for each team.
    • Break up all portions of Galactic Assault maps into smaller playable sections appropriate for Team Battle and Onslaught.
    • Add AI frigates and escort ships to Starfighter Team Battle (e.g. CR90 Corvette, Arquitens-class Light Cruiser, etc.).
    • Improve AI functionality so they use all weapons, abilities, Star Cards, vehicles, and turrets when appropriate or necessary. Also, that they'll have the sense to flank, combat roll, and take cover or perform evasive maneuvers when needed.
    • Allow the AI to use all Appearances, and add the option for players to select which Appearances are allowed for the AI to use.
    • Add more Battle Scenarios featuring all Vehicle and Starfighter classes, Hero Ships, more maps as well as DLC Heroes.

    Bugs, glitches and other issues that need to be addressed:
    • Starfighter and Hero Ship cockpits will temporarily disappear while pausing the game (also happens in the Main Story and Resurrection Campaigns).
    • After pausing the game, the cockpits for Poe Dameron's T-70 X-Wing and Darth Maul's Scimitar will completely disappear until the player respawns in them.
    • Except for General Grievous, Hero animations do not trigger when selecting them at the pre-round screen (this happens in Multiplayer, too).
    • In Starfighter Team Battle and Starfighter Onslaught, some turrets cannot be Tagged, some do not explode when destroyed, and some do not function at all.
    • Several light source bugs on Bespin, Death Star II and Endor will either illuminate characters in areas they shouldn't, or prevent characters from being properly lit.
    • There are a few light source bugs on Endor and Tatooine - Mos Eisley that illuminate the interiors of doors that have their exteriors exposed to sunlight.
    • On Death Star II, the large, operational blast door that connects the main hangar with the hangar that houses the Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle clips through the wall when it opens.
    • Cannot manually close turbolift doors on Bespin.
    • Cannot close/open the main hanger door on Endor.
    • Cannot extend/retract the bridge on Death Star II.
    • Cannot activate the hologram in the cantina on Tatooine - Mos Eisley.
    • Game will frequently spawn the player away from AI teammates in Team Battle. Sometimes the player will even be spawned right in the middle of a group of enemy AI.
    • The AI will walk through walls and other objects in Team Battle and Onslaught.
    • The Continuous Music option does not work in Starfighter Team Battle and Starfighter Onslaught.

    @F8RGE @FireWall

    This post is essentially an addendum to it. Below are the items I meant to include.

    Requests and Suggestions:
    • When playing Co-op and Versus, allow the 2nd Player to use their gaming profile so all appropriate progress is properly credited to them and saved (Milestones, Daily Credit Rewards, Daily Challenges and Battle Scenario progress), allow them to customize Appearances, Emotes, etc., and allow them access to the full Gameplay Options at their pause menu.
    • Separate Special Units into their own category as "Special Units Only" in the Play As option, and allow any combination of Troopers Only, Special Units Only and Heroes Only settings to be selected.
    • Separate the Play As, Ability Recharge, Player Health and Minimap settings for 1st Player and 2nd Player in Versus and Co-op.
    • Add separate Troops Available settings for each team in Team Battle. Likewise for the Starfighters Available setting in Starfighter Team Battle.
    • Add a Starfighter Duel mode to Versus.
    • Add the option for players to select the rank of each Star Card (Common, Uncommon, etc.).
    • Change the per-match daily reward from 100 to 300 Galactic Credits so we can get the total daily reward in five Arcade matches like we used to (the total daily reward was tripled, but not the per-match reward, and it can be a real hassle to have to play fifteen matches to get the total daily reward).

    Bugs, glitches and other issues that need to be addressed:
    • AI Battle Droids do this weird animation at the end of a match where they fold into the ground.
    • Sometimes the AI ceases to respawn during a match. This happens most often during Starfighter Team Battle, but happens in other modes, too.
    • The AI does not react to all Hero Abilities the same way player controlled characters do (e.g. AI cannot be dragged by Vader's Choke; do not get blown back by Obi-Wan's All-Out Push; regardless of health, they're instantly killed by abilities such as Han's Shoulder Charge, Kylo's Pull, Grievous' Claw Rush, etc.).
    • Sometimes the AI does not receive damage when hit.
    • The Advanced Flight, Disable Roll and Starfighter Missiles settings do not work for the 2nd Player in Co-op and Versus.
    • Some UI elements for the 2nd Player are missing in Co-op and Versus Starfighter Team Battle and Starfighter Onslaught such as the target brackets around an enemy ship, turret, etc., and the edge of screen target indicator arrows.
    • The BTL-A4 Y-wing's "Defeated By" diagram picture is missing it's ion cannon turret (this is also an issue in Multiplayer).

    @F8RGE @FireWall
    "All wings report in."
  • It's been said many a times but here's a new perspective So playing through the 2015's offline I am surprised by how 50/50 the offline is between games. 2015 didn't allow us to use DLC maps 2017 does, 2015 doesn't allow customization of matches and usable star cards that you haven't unlocked. 2017 does. However 2015 gives us special units to fight against and vehicles in say the smaller maps and even bigger maps 2017 does not (At least yet)

    Seems that soon we may get that if not more. And when we do 2017 will finally be up there with 05 and even 2015 BF if not better. You're so close Dice I can taste the Special unit AI. Offline will add so much I guarantee you would make money off a well done offline upgrade.
  • luisfilipesilva
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    1. Large scale maps
    2. At least 20 v 20 combat
    3. Hero Ai
    4. Less bugs and better Ai
    5. Ability to gain experience and evolve characters in arcade
  • Felipe
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    The current arcade mode, only serves to test the soldiers, heroes and spacecraft, but do not feel like a war, it lacks the initial dialogues of what is happening and how the battle is evolving and also there are still vehicles that do not can be tested in arcade and I mean all vehicles that are not spaceships such as ATAT, ATT, AT-RT, AT-ST among others. Therefore a Scaramusa mode is necessary above all things, to be able to test these vehicles and besides that online it is very hard to survive with the heroes and to be able to play an assault with the weak AI would be a phenomenal experience to go with the force to the maximum bursting all enemies and advancing.

    You could also adapt the following to play of line:

    A survival mode
    Ewok hunting in arcade.
    Mini campaigns to test vehicles.
    Persecution mode similar to the pursuit in Endor of Battlefront 1, but do it in Geonosis and some other maps.

    And finally for online and arcade, Convocation starfighter, but on the surfaces of the planets, as it is something that is being wasted, and perfectly can be given fighter meetings in Tedd, Kamino, Kasyyyk, Tattoine, Hoth, Jakku, Takodana, Base Starkiller, Crait.

    Excuse my English, use a translator.
  • We need more complexity in arcade mode, like SWBF 2015.
  • another update and nothing new for Arcade modes.

    this game won't be battlefront till the whole multiplayer can be played offline with bots.

    at the moment it's just battlefield with a star wars skin, ffs dice, get a move on, stop *****'ing us and do something!

    multiplayer is not the be all and end all. you say you care about the community, if that is true, then show it.
    creator of the All-In-One Modular @ Nexusmods
    "for a less annoying immersive experience, dl it today!"
  • Finally some love for Arcade! <3

    It would be great to get more of the objective based gameplay into the Arcade - my favourite memories from OG BF2 were playing all Heroes and Villains on Tattooine in Mos Eisley and doing the Command Post style gameplay - never the same and always fluctuating which makes it eternally playable! I think this is one of the fundamentals missing, for although you do feel "powerful" fighting the pleb bots, it doesn't give the same level of satisfaction and they don't react in the same way. My force-push on Luke Skywalker sends villains FLYING in the Galactic Assault games, yet in the Arcade it just knocks them over like they've tripped on something. It seems that for too long, there has been a focus on not "breaking the immersion" by avoiding having multiple of each character running around the map, but that was half the fun of the original.

    I would love to see the full maps released to play on. As much as I love running around the Naboo Hangar, it does get stale, and I'd love to jump through the streets as Obi-Wan and take out droids. The freedom to move through the levels and have larger scale wars would be ideal also - so it doesn't feel as empty with just 10 enemies at a time - we need more scale, vehicles and immersion. Onslaught gives a taste of this scale, but also gets stale as it's so one-sided.

    Arcade already offers a lot of great customisation options and maps, however it would be great to potentially have a series of maps exclusively for the Arcade - bring back Coruscant or Utupau from the OGBF2 so that we can recreate those fantasies.

    Long shot, but it would be very cool (though unlikely) if we could also get a custom character type player for our Arcade maps. One where we can make our own Sith or Jedi, or Trooper and determine their loadouts, lightsaber colour etc (Wishful thinking) based on pre-existing, so if I want to have a female Jedi that has a super-strong force push, then I could do so.

    Thank you guys for listening and I look forward to seeing what you implement for the game!
  • gylfe
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    F8RGE wrote: »
    We're back for another Focused Feedback thread, and this time around the topic of discussion is...Arcade. We know this is a topic that a portion of the community is very passionate about, so looking forward to seeing everyone's thoughts in one place.

    As always, we want to hear the good and the bad.
    • What do you like about Arcade?
    • What don't you like about Arcade?
    • What would you like to see added to Arcade in the future?
    • Any other feedback you'd like to share.

    Look forward to reading what's on your mind.

    1. I like that arcade is offline and I can customize which era, map, and now starfighter or trooper.
    2. I don't like how limited it is. It's tiny team death match or onslaught, it's very short, and it's only a fraction of the actual map.
    3. I would love to see the arcade mode expanded to the full experience. Larger, objective based maps. I understand it may not be possible to get the bots to do the objectives, but it doesn't matter. So those maps you are on your own to complete the objective, or you lose/win it based on the bots' inability to complete it. The starfighter mode should have no problem getting the full maps/modes in since there are already bots in every starfighter match.
    4. See the following:

    I know the current generation is mainly playing online multiplayer, but there is a large portion of the community that prefers single player. The campaign is nice and fun, but for one playthrough. The campaign is very linear and does not really have replay value, especially when you consider how linear it is. It's nice you added it, but this is not what most players were looking for in a single player experience. I had the original Battlefront games preordered and still play them to this day. I never actually played them online. We went from the cancelled Battlefront 3 expanding the battlefield to have ground to space combat maps, to a very quick, restricted and linear death match.

    I'm pretty sure the inspiration for Battlefront came from a Battlefield 1942 mod called Galactic Conquest. The classic games gave you the feeling of being a trooper in a huge and historic battle in the Star Wars universe. The new Battlefront feels like a Call of Duty game. Even the online mode is small, limited, and linear. The classic games had many players/bots, ground units, and aircraft all on a huge map. You could go where you want, when you want, and decide how you wanted to achieve the objective. The bots may not be able to do some of the objectives, but they can capture a control point. Big open maps with vehicles, where you simply run down the enemy reinforcements by capturing control points on the map would be perfect. The matches now are so fast and limited, it gets boring pretty quickly.

    I was playing online while I waited for a large arcade mode. I do it when I can, but I can't frequently get online, or my time in game is very short, so it's much more relaxing to just get in and play the map and era I want. Not to mention I don't have the time to get good and level up, so I'm always at a disadvantage. About a year ago Origin was updated and blocked the VPN that I have to use due to work. I have to connect from the VPN and I have no control over it. I contacted support to see if they would work with me on a way to get connected so I could at least play arcade or campaign, but they would not work with me. I can't even access an EA site, much less get on Origin. The only way I can possibly get in game is to connect using my phone as a hotspot, which is insufficient for online matches and uses a lot of data. I wish EA would reevaluate their new block on all VPNs and I see a lot of posts from people basically locked out of their accounts because they are in the same situation.

    Bots for solo play drastically extend the life of the game. While I do prefer solo, I would still go online whenever I could. Now, I just don't play at all due to the VPN being blocked and how limited the solo portion is. I know the main objective is the loot boxes and microtransactions, which is why there is such a big push for online only. While the offline portion may not sell the microtransactions as well, I can assure you it will sell more from the people that can or will only play solo, than by not offering a sufficient solo mode and forcing people to play online. I would love for this to be my new go to Battlefront 2 15 years from now the way the classic BF2 currently is.

    I don't think solo will compete with online as you are concerned, because these are different players. The players that want online will play online, while the ones that really want solo will play arcade or nothing. There may be some like me that still played online when they could, but I really doubt one will take from the other.

    Thank you for listening to our concerns and trying to give us a better experience.

    Edit - I just wanted to add that offline players would buy just as much or more microtransactions if you made a full single player experience equal to the online experience. Make us earn the stuff the same way they do in online play. If I prefer to play solo, but play online since solo mode is so lacking, Im less likely to pay for anything for online than if I had a full solo experience.

    If the offline experience was as developed as the online experience, the battles had a larger scale, and I didnt get blocked from logging in, this would be the only game I regularly play for years. As it is now, I logged in maybe twice in the past year just to see how arcade was developed.
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  • I want the end condition of the Arcade to stop respawning units when the tickets go below the number of active units. this allows for an exciting finish where you are the lone unit left, so you dont lose the level when some AI unit on your team dies.
  • gylfe
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    I forgot to add in my very long post:

    Offline players were asking about leveling up their heroes, troopers, and vehicles in arcade. From what Ive noticed, it seems like theyre just maxed out, but this doesnt add to it being a legitimate part of the game. It lends more to being just a practice mode, or something to do for a short period.

    I understand it would be unfair to allow players to level offline against easy AI and then go online with the same level and exploit this. You could just make it a seperate level and/or cap what level carries over.

    Someone suggested in another thread to cap the level you can carry over at 10 or so, so new players can get into online without getting completely dominated in the beginning. Or just make it completely seperate. This would prevent any exploitation, but give offline players a sense of progression and accomplishment. Like I said before, this would even encourage offline players to get the crystals to level up and get different skins. Since it is easier, just give less xp for arcade even if it is its own leveling system. Im pretty sure my level and cards from the campaign did not carry over to online with Iden and last I played arcade I had everything maxed out, so it seems like a seperate levelig system is already in the game.

    I know personally if the arcade had the same levelling and scale as online, I would play it and do the same as if I had the ability to play online. As it stands, I hardly ever play this game at all.

    Thank you for listening.

    Edit - I also wanted to point out that I preordered BF 2015 thinking it would have all content available offline with bots. I returned it an hour later when I found out it was online only. I preordered BF2 when I found out it would have solo play. At the same time I found out about skirmish mode in BF2015 and bought that as well. That was my fault for not doing research for BF2015, but thats not the point. The point is I know I am not the only one, even if its a smaller portion of the community.

    I stuck with BF2 even though the solo was lacking and played online until EA blocked my VPN. Not only is there a market for solo players, but the games life would be greatly extended by having a full solo mode. Nobody can play it after the servers are empty or closed, and certainly nobody will buy it. People are still buying BF2 classic today because you dont need a server and have access to the entire game.
  • We need arcade versions of HvV, GA etc.

  • Conquest offline. That is what I desire
  • This thread must survive
  • Conquest
  • Huge map skirmish. AI ability revamp. More arcade customize.
  • gylfe
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    Galactic conquest was great because it gave you a reason to be battling on the planets you were at. It added a layer of strategy on just mindlessly slaying bots. It was by no means an open world game, but it felt like an open galaxy with that simple map letting you choose where to go, what to conquer, and making you defend what you have. You could either dominate every system, or cut a path to the enemy's home planet. Really it was so simple, but so much fun, and gave hours of entertainment and endless replayability.

    Something similar could be accomplished with this version of BF2. They could just make a couple generic space maps with capital ships, like the Endor space map without all the debris, for when the capital ships encounter each other.

    I think thats what most people wanted when they were asking for single player, at least it was what I was hoping for. Along with larger and objective or control point maps with bots. At this point I would be happy with CP maps that are much larger with vehicles, but something like that would completely flesh out the solo experience and make this game anninstant classic.

    Not just for solo, but larger, objective based maps for online as well. I dont mention online bc this is a solo thread and theyre already working on it.

    Its too bad modders cant work on this. I was going through the moddb page for both classic games the other night and they have some really amazing projects there.

    I still think of how great BF3 was going to be with larger maps that included seamless ground to space battles. For anyone that doesnt know, you could hop in a fighter in a ground battle and fly into space to attack the enemy capital or fighters. It was still going to allow you to land on the enemy ship and destroy it from inside. You dont have to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate the classic games, they really felt like huge battlefields that gave you a substantial amount of freedom to wage war against the enemy. I would love to just get BF2 classic with modern graphics. There is no shame in imitating greatness!

    Editted for typos... I typed this on my phone with its microscopic keyboard keys and no auto correct
  • I would really like to see a mode where we can explore the entire map. No out of bounds and full open map with all classes unlocked. Just to really immerse myself.
  • I don't see it happening but I would like hero AI along with large scale offline battles
  • What I want: a HvV arcade mode

    What I don’t like: Troopers feel very much like bots and seem clueless even on the hardest difficulty.

    What I currently like: customization of matchmaking
  • What I like
    1. Being able to test out heroes and star cards
    2. Duel mode to mess around with friends
    3. All the possible customization for the match

    What I would like to see
    1. Large scale mode with an objective (conquest, ga, or something else)
    2. Small mode with an objective (strike)
    3. Vehicles, both on the ground and in the air
    4. AI heroes, reinforcements, and vehicles
    5. Creating a playlist
    6. Hunt mode
    7. Survival
  • I'll say it again, a large battle mode with troopers and vehicles set across entire maps, or at least the parts of maps we don't already have in Arcade.
  • ChadSquadron
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    I'll say it again, a large battle mode with troopers and vehicles set across entire maps, or at least the parts of maps we don't already have in Arcade.

    With online arcade access, coop or vs up to 4 players would be really awesome. Even with an host lobby system.
    Please consider and more... Just do it ! 😅 May the force be with you !
  • I'll say it again, a large battle mode with troopers and vehicles set across entire maps, or at least the parts of maps we don't already have in Arcade.

  • This new large scale game mode is essential to the arcade as well as AI hero custom on/off & custom hero health for this mode!

    player health: default
    Enemy health (droids): one hit
    Enemy Classes: any
    Enemy hero: On. ******
    Hero Health: default *******
    Minimap: radar
  • ChaplinGaming
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    What I want to for Arcade Made.

    -Large scale Battle mode with an objective like Conquest & GA.

    -Playable Vehicles

    -AI Vehicles

    - AI bots improvement

    - More AI Bots

    -AI Bots as Speical Units

    -Have the AI Bots have different skins, so they don't look all the same.

    -AI Bot for Hero.

    -Able to switch skins during a match.

    -Cross-era Battles. Example Droids vs Rebels.

    - Ewoks to be playable on Endor.

    -Be able to play with friends Online in Co-Op and Versus.

    -Maps from "SW:Battlefront" (2015) like Cloud City and Scarif Beach. I like to see the U-Wing in more maps for the Rebels.

    -Maps for Team Battle Starfighter like a Naboo space with the Clone Wars era. "SW:Battlefront" (2015) maps like Bespin Airspace, Scarif Shield Gate, Death Star Surface or Imperial Blockade.
  • at least i got my nr.5 forfilled, 0 on my team and 10 on his team...
  • You guys actually listening to this feedback? Before people give you their ideas
  • CeymalRen
    1223 posts Member
    The survival horde mode from the previous game was heavily criticied by reviewers but I found it much more engaging than anything in BF2's arcade. There's nothing engaging in it. Could we add at sts at least?
  • Not sure if this is possible but I tried the other day to play arcade battle scenarios w friend online and didn’t work. This wouldn’t help offline players but would be a cool addition to online / private arcade matches online w group members
  • Open up the maps in arcade ! Too congested overall, galactic assault arcade or new mode
  • timbad_2
    183 posts Member
    Agree with pretty much all of these ideas.
  • Bots with full health shouldn't die instantly from Lukes push or Kylos pull attack .
  • I would also love the option to change appearances before spawning.
  • ADD VEHICLES to ARCADE MODE! Who else has been waiting for this for years??? More than 2 players should be able to play locally. I'm sad that this isn't in the game yet :/
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