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Predicting obi wan bugs

The rush ability will not deflect damage as intended
The push ability will not affect enemies sometimes


  • There will be a bug that makes him unselectable and it won't get fixed until February because they will be on their 2 month Christmas vacation.
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  • stevenomes
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    edited November 2018
    actually I disagree to a point. not to complain about it but to expect it. brace yourself for the inevitable. odds are high something will be bugged and then people will lose it even worse because they expect it to work when the body of work says something will not function correctly on launch. in this game (for me) its better to take a realist approach for me than positive. because I only am more disappointed when my expectation is not met. everyone has their own way of dealing with the game. some need to be positive to keep their hope alive. others are realists and will brace themselves for what what they think is most likely. there is no wrong way
  • camerog wrote: »
    way to stay positive. Proactive complaining about something that doesn't even exist is not helpful. It like you are hoping for it to fail.

    I am not being pessimist, just realistic. If you point me a singe patch that was implemented in this game since launch that hadnt come with a major bug, i will retreat my comment and sorry dice
  • IronSoldier
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    edited November 2018
    We do not need a thread like this. Upon release on the 28th, report bugs all you want as necessary. Right now there is nothing to discuss in terms of bugs other than simply scaremongering and trolling.

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