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High CPU usage lately, probably a server issue.

Lately the game is causing (in all models and in both main brands, AMD and Intel) high CPU numbers. Just a week ago the game ran in about 5 to 15% less CPU, and this last week Ive observed (and confirmed with other PC gamers) that the game uses more CPU than before.

This is some issue that we can observe in games like Battlefield 1 and It is server side, with some servers causing more CPU usage for the same number of players and same map than other servers (I cant figure it out exactly what technical cause is behind this).

I just dont know what back end changes DICE did on Battlefront II servers, but they are causing the game to peak the CPU processors up to 90 or 100% in situations that normally make them work at 75-85%.

This is a well optimized game that worked flawlessly even in 6 year old Intel i7 4 core processors, wich are struggling now to not to bottleneck and cause fps drops and mouse lagging.

Please take account of this issue and take whatever measure needed to fix it and make the game to work as it worked just a week ago.


Thx in advance.
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