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December CC

Slow down Bobas Jetpack

Who at EA seriously thought this was a good idea? He can reach places that others can’t and can reach places much faster than others it’s so unfair in HvV this is a joke with the target system he will just run and there is nothing you can do about it but if you are going to slow his Jetpack down give Boba a buff in other places as he is still useless in GA but in HvV his Jetpack is a problem especially on some maps such as Mos Eisley and Endor some might say that Chewbacca is a counter or Finn but it’s nearly impossible with all the cover the maps provide for him on Mos Eisley it’s hard for blaster heros to get up there because it takes a long time so in conclusion slow down his Jetpack for HvV but buff him in a way that will make him more useful in GA


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