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Idea to get more games ready in the DLCs!!! please help us EA!!!

So, some say that the game is actually dead. Its like a waste of time to search for games in one of the DLCs. In my opinion, there would be enough players with an season pass, to play in the DLCs, but there are not enough player at the same time to get a game ready... what if we or EA(would be better and reach more players) would set up some fixed regular times for games in the DLCs. Maybe EA and DICE could introduce some "events" with fixed times and terms into the game which would be seen from as many as possible players, to get some full lobbys in the DLCs.

I think without some changes like this the game would die in the near future, cause there are already a lot of cheaters in the game and the only playable games are walker assault and something like this... I´m getting tiered of this and actually wanna play games in the DLCs, especially on Bespin.


If EA wont do anything like that, we have to set up by ourself some fixed regular times, where we all go searching for games in the DLCs, but i think that wouldnt reach enough player so it wouldnt work.
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