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August Community Calendar

Orbital Strikes on Hoth

As we all know there are 2 playable AT-AT’S during the first phase in GA on Hoth. As the Empire gets closer to the base it seems to be a never ending river of Orbital strikes which makes it difficult for the defenders. A way to stop this is if DICE make the cool down rate for the Orbital strikes longer.


  • Yeah, the AT-AT's Orbital Strike cool down needs to be adjusted.

    Also, the color of the Orbital Strike's laser bolts on Outpost Delta still needs to be corrected. They should be green.
    "All wings report in."
  • I love that being in the At-At is worth it again.
  • I agree that the cool down needs to be increased but I think by 10 more seconds or so. As it is now I abort the big guns when I use them because orbital strike refreshes so fast. It's frustrating when you spend half the time trying to avoid them...assuming you get any warning that you are about to be killed by it. Endor is just as frustrating with avoiding being run down by speeders, killed by AT-RTs, and then top it off with unending orbital strikes and it can make for some very one sided matches for this phase.
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