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August Community Calendar

Big Geonosis&Obi wan update soon BUT how broken will it all be?

Ever update been a broken mess needing fixed,no matter how much testing gets done before hand.So as cool as this update be be ready for the mess to come,maybe this is payback for those who complained to much about lootboxes and paid dlc.


  • They'll break more than they fix.

    Put me down for 20 dollars ;)
    Heart of darkness beateth, Ultima
    Iron enigma treateth, Ultima
    Shielding light retreateth, Ultima
    Hydaelyn defeated. Ah, Ultima

    The fact is that if you're running it's because you suck, and the game shouldn't pander to players who suck.


    "I have never died to a Finn"
  • Let not nerf Obiwan. Need someone to be able to contend with Vader. That being said, I bet people will request for nerf.
  • Geonosis will be lame for one reason or another and Obi will have broken abilitys like Grievous.
    Dont act a fool and you wont get called out. PSN: DarthOdium- old PSN:unit900000

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