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Skins for certain vehicles?

What about skins for LAAT’s or ATRT? In both ATOC and ROTS and Clone wars various paint applications were seen on these vehicles and I think it’d be pretty cool to see the toothed design on LAATs or even ARC 170s. Thoughts anyone? Could apply to any vehicles, gave clone wars examples because everyone else didn’t customize as much.


  • VaperEyes
    618 posts Member
    edited November 2018
    basically - match the vehicles with the skin color of the clones if possible.
    Example: the LAAT in camo on Kashyyyk or at least matching the color of the Clones. I recommend: Mud or Camo at a minimum to cover most of the current maps.
    BTW: most of these characters in the picture were in Attack of the Clones - but Lucas decided to place an Order 66 and 'wipe them out'. So, the new game mode should be called: Order 66 (IMO)
  • Oh for sure! I would pay for vehicle skins\decals. Imagine starfighter assault with gold/green/blue/red squadrons
  • I want the LAAT with the Writing “Plo’s Bros” on it
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  • Clone wars fighters with the J-Sec paint jobs from the campaign sequel would be pretty cool.
  • Oh, hell yes, I so want vehicle skins!
  • hsf_
    1817 posts Member
    If you come at me with a hat full of Starfighter skins, I'll sell my body to get them. Anyone need a kidney? I have one spare...
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