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Priority Fix - Character Selection Menus

EA/DICE for this update can we please have fully functional Character Selection menus?? Especially in HvV and especially Light Side Heroes. The main issues are:

- it is impossible to deselect a character either before the round or post-kill.
- there is no highligher during selection ( or else it is stuck on the first character.
- players cannot change their character during or sometimes even before a round.
- it happens in lots of other game modes too like SA.

Get the QA guys to play everything before issuing this update will you? Come on...


  • It does seem particularly strange this hasn't been decided to be hotfix-worthy.
  • Fixed at last Wahooo!
  • UM..... belay my last post (above) .... T H E M E N U S are S T I L L busted !!

    It is totally impossible to change a character in HvV following being knocked out during a game.

    EA/DICE --- PLEASE add this fix to your Kenobi Hotfix
  • Zinjo
    164 posts Member
    Yep happened at the last update along with several other issues still not yet fixed!
    Perhaps more effort into fixing the mechanics before releasing the bling, guys...
    Someone Didn't like my signature asking for Inferno squad skins....
  • i get the feeling this was a tradeoff for 'fixing' the multiple-instances of same hero problem. they couldnt figure out how to fix it properly, so they just disabled switching characters altogether.
  • The main culprit is the HvV LIGHT SIDE character selection menu. Please fix.
  • Yes please fix.
    Someone Didn't like my signature asking for Inferno squad skins....
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