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"So uncivilized" should be a purchasable emote for Obi-Wan

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edited November 2018
"So uncivilized" should be added as a purchasable emote for Obi-Wan because that's what Obi-Wan said after he defeated Grievous in the movies. It's one of his most memorable signature lines that people remember him by. For the animation for this emote, you can have Obi-Wan shaking his head from side to side while he is saying "So uncivilized". This calm emote would be a nice contrast to the dark side heroes' wild and angry temperament emotes.

Also, Vader should say something "Dark Side" as an emote like how he did in Battlefront 2015. How about, "Now you know the power of the Dark Side"? Why would he say "Apology accepted"? His opponents are not apologizing to him.


  • I agree with about the "so uncivilized" emote. I think they should include it.
    About Vader's "apology accepted", it's from the iconic scene of Vader killing Captain Needa with his Force choking. I purchased this emote. It's very cool.
  • Ultrastar
    78 posts Member
    edited November 2018
    Yes, I know where the "apology accepted" line comes from but it doesn't really make sense in this context as I don't think any of the light side heroes or soldier opponents are apologizing to him. But anyways, it is already added and people already purchased it. Is still think they should add "Now you know the power of the Dark Side" as a fifth emote while showing Vader clenching his fist as the animation because Vader is known to sound so cool saying "Dark Side". But perhaps they don't want to bring back that voice actor now. Maybe they can still use the "Feel the Dark Side" sound file from Battlefront 2015.

    "So uncivilized" can still be added as a purchasable emote for sure because I know that the "so uncivilzed" sound file is in the game for Obi-Wan.
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