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There are more important things needing fixes and improvements and things like this are ignored, but see this:

What they show you and you be like omg:

What you get in game:
That cockpit glass is like not there. Please how do top devs and gamemakes that focus on the get payed to focus on this dont get stuff right.

For example also:
How it should be:

Superb graphics. Sometimes in game things do look nice but really not always. Why not something that is always nice in every light every environment. You have any general thoughts on details and graphics/effects?
Priority list:

1. Fix Split Screen bugs and the rest
2. Improve Saber combat
3. Reduce the overly bright Saber/lights glow reflections (especially Yodas saber)
4. 91st Scout trooper for Assault
5. Max out Arcade maps Combat area
5. First Person only mode!


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