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Heroes in Galactic Assault

This is just my opinion, I understand some people feel that Heroes are annoying in Galactic Assault, although I personally don't feel that way. Every time I pick a hero I immediately lose all my health in matter of seconds, from 800 hp to 300 hp. That's of course if you try to play the character aggressively, if you try hard it and play careful that's a different story. Although it's not nearly as fun when playing the hero if 3 soldiers can spray you and drain your health. It would be nice for the heroes to be more blaster resistant to REGULAR infantry units. Although explosive damage, all that, stays the same. I just feel heroes are weak as hell in GA. Especially in open maps. JUST MY OPINION. If you feel different that's fine, you can explain your reasoning. Some people just want GA strictly infantry, but that's what Strike and Blast are for.
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