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From a certain point of view

Everyone is talking about balance and gameplay. Well this is Star Wars. Wars is in the name and war is never balanced. And hear me out first before you disregard this entirely. Let’s look at Halo. I’m specifically going to use Halo reach as an example. It’s not a perfectly balanced game. In fact in many ways it’s very unbalanced with a very high skill drop off level. The only balance is in your skill.this is just as it should be. A Player with a Magnum can, with some skill, eliminate the enemy with a rocket launcher. Where as the noob can’t. And not because he didn’t have the opportunity, BUT he didn’t know how to use the opportunity. I find balance wise this game has been fine for months. The skill threshold isnt exactly like trying to play an old Halo game online on the Master Chief Collection. It’s a pretty easy pick up. I had a friend who just got the game Saturday and we played online and almost every round he ranked top five with me in HvV and didn’t fair so bad in GA either. That’s because he uses his brain to strategically analyze and exploit the flaws in Strategy other players use. Did we forget about our brains being the best weapon on the battlefront? Isn’t that what makes us a higher species? Not granted, there are some logistics that needed to be addressed for point game. But they were so minor in contrast to you using your brain. We need to stop being entitled to nerfs and put on our buckets and go to work. Sometimes you aren’t going to get the hero. Sometimes you aren’t going to kill that Wookiee in one life. It’s just going to happen. But please please use the gift inside your head to try to problem solve instead of using the same strategy every time and call for a nerf because you can’t 1v1 a Wookiee in one life or which ever it is you have trouble with. Nerfs should happen for game breaking mechanics. Not your lack of skill and problem solving.


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