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Make All Heroes Playable Premanently For GA

The Health Card system screwed everything up and it's impossible to play as a Hero. I get the points easily, but players hog the Heroes, since it's almost impossible for them to die. The first players able to get them hold them until the end of the matches and if I'm lucky I might get to play as a Hero. The Hero balance is already messed up limiting it to 2 per side at the start of matches, so it doesn't make a difference that more are added.


  • Heroes Unleashed as its own mode would be nice.
    This is how you teach scrubs:
  • I agree strongly. I can't even afford Obi Wan after buying General Grievous. It is sad honestly. I want to play as ANY Hero without buying them. I have about 20k Crystals that I've been farming and I can't even use them for Characters. I want ALL CHARACTER FREE... I don't mind Buying the SKINS but this is just ridiculous. Why pay for something that should BE FREE from the Get-go? REMEMBER; We are the ones who should be getting the best! I payed $80 for this game!
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