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Focused Feedback: Geonosis



  • Please put Geonosis more times in the playlist
  • My feedback for Geonosis:

    The mode is very pretty but the game play is way to repetitive, short and ultimately boring.

    That said, it has a lot of potential. If I had the opportunity to re-script the mode, this is what I'd do:

    Character changes:
    • Replace the B2-RP Rocket Droid with a Geonosian warrior, complete with sonic blaster.

    Wave 1 Changes:
    • Wave 1 should be like a tug of war, the result of which determines what happens in waves 2 and 3.
    • The Republic start at the mobile command station and must defend the area while attempting to capture the AT-TE walker station.
    • The CIS start at the walker station and must defend the walker area while trying to capture the command station.
    • The first team to hold both areas wins the wave.
    • If the Republic win, wave 2 proceeds towards the Techno Union ships.
    • If the CIS wins, the Republic retreat into the droid factory/catacombs and wave 2 proceeds in that direction.

    Wave 2 Changes:
    Republic track
    • Replace BARC Speeder with TX-130 fighter tank.
    • Include a player-controllable LAAT/i gunship on the field, accessible like the walkers, for up to 5 players: pilot (front turrets, rockets), left and right gunners (composite-beam laser turrets), and 2 passengers who can fire their own weapons from the sides. The LAAT can land anywhere in the playable area and unload the troops.
    • Include player-controllable Spider Droids, accessible like the walkers.
    • The inclusion of the LAAT and TX-130 will give the CIS troops, STAP, AAT and Spider Droid something to fire at besides the AT-TE walkers, giving them a chance to reach the Techno Union ships before they're destroyed.
    • The Republic voice over reminds players to "Destroy the Techno Union Ships" periodically. Similarly the CIS voice over reminds players to "Defend the Techno Union Ships" . A reference to the original Battlefront's Geonosis gameplay.

    CIS track
    • Within the droid factory the Republic have rigged explosives in four critical areas: conveyor-belt control, power generator, ore crusher, and control room.
    • The Republic must defend the explosives while the CIS must disarm them.
    • All explosives must be disarmed for the CIS to win the round.
    • CIS must disarm all explosives before running out of reinforcements.

    Wave 3 Changes:
    Republic track
    • No change, the Republic must capture the area while the SPHA-Ts bring down the Trade Federation core ship.

    CIS track
    • The Republic must fall back to a LAAT/i gunship waiting to extract them from a vent shaft.
    • The Republic must secure and hold the area around the gunship.
    • The CIS must destroy the LAAT/i before running out of reinforcements.
    Alone against all these droids....? Hmph... they don't stand a chance.
  • It would be nice to be able to play it
  • Where is Geonosis Arena only map?
  • Really enjoying Geonosis so far. Probably my favorite map in the game. The map is beautiful. It also really feels like an all out war, feels like it does the best job at capturing that feeling out of all the other maps.
  • How can we give focus feedback when we can hardly play the bloody map ? just give us a SEPARATE PLAYLIST
  • This is more an idea for an event, but how about unlimited, free vehicles for Geonosis Phase 2 and 3? I'm not much for playing vehicles, but this seems like a map that would excel for people that need a vehicle fix.
  • Can you move th spawn point forward so I don't have to spend half the game running across the map to where the action is.

  • JediPacoElFlaco
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    edited December 2018
    The Dwarf Spider droids should be playable, the 3d model is enough good. Only it needs animations.


    In a Geonosis 2.0 map:
    - The OG-9 and Dwarf Spider droid must be playable.
    - AT-TE should haver more life and do more damage.
    - Two players in AT-TE.
    - The normal droids should damaged to the AT-TE very little.
    - The droids would need the OG-9, AAT and Dwarf Spider droids to damage to the AT-TE forcefully and quickly. --> The droids must protect these for easy victory.
    - One LAAT playable to avoid campers and sniper war.
    - In the phase 2 in the middle of the map there would be a few ion neutralizers. The ion neutralizer do a terrible damage to the big vehicles and freeze these by seconds. The normal troopers must fight to get these.
    - Droidekas, ARC troopers and Geonosian should be playables too.
    - 28 players x team = 56 players. Only in Geonosis map.

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  • I think the AT-TE is well balanced as it is. They're fun to play as and powerful enough not get blown up 2 minutes after you get in one, but they can still be taken down easily enough that the enemy side has a fair chance to win. I always see both sides win when I play the map. I really hope Dice doesn't try to mess with the mechanics (nerfing or buffing anything. I don't know of any glitches that may or may not need fixing) and ruin that equilibrium.
  • See that spawning 2 LAATs in phase 2 at the same time in the same location will lift/fly one of them very high over the other, is still going on. Shouldn't complain I guess as it is the only time I got to fly something on Geonosis.
  • Worst map as a defender. Techno union ships of 2 are easily shot down while the clones get 10 + AT TEs that are impossible when your team doesn't know what to do and you get sniped from every direction.
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