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Game feels broken right now - especially in HvV (PS4)...

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edited November 2018
Dodges aren't working, blocking isn't working, lag is bad, Han's detonate is broken and just vanishes when triggered, abilities aren't triggering...

I'm taking to 7 other players in my party and they all say the same thing

I remember that when Grievous came out there was some pretty bad lag, maybe they will fix it soon?
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  • chaostheory7777
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    edited November 2018
    You cant move enemies in Vader's choke anymore, grievous claw rush gets knocked out by rubble on ground, as mentioned Hans detonite visual doesn't explode, mauls throw throws them backwards, abilities not always triggering
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  • @Landeaux just posted a pretty awesome naboo glitch that I just encountered.

    And like you mentioned, good 'ole force push does jack a lot of the time.
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