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SUGGESTION for Obi-Wans abilities

1. Let the player use abilities while he is in the blocking stage as Rey or Luke can use theirs Mind Trick, or Push. By doing this the player will gain about 1-2 seconds. Now if the player is in the block stage he has to quit this stage, wait for the blocking animation to end and then he can use Obi-Wans abilities which in somecase the 1-2 seconds that he lost can cause him a big damage or even death.
2. Mind Trick is kinda useless. At least it can do extra damage or something.
3. Overall, it feels like his animation transitions are too slow which makes him looks a bit edgy/rusty.


  • 4.While he builds up the force push maybe make him vulnerable to damage? I say this because if you have droids in front of you and you want and escape or you want to eliminate them all, while you build the force push you are already dead if 2-4 enemies shoot you at the same time.
  • 5.Let him use the Push in air and also fix the push when the enemy is not at the same height as him. If the enemy is in air or on an object the Push does not work
  • bfloo
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    1 I haven't had any issues with it.

    2 It is very useful in HvV, haven't tried him in GA

    3 His animations are a lil odd

    4 I'd be happy if the push worked, can't judge a bugged ability that isn't consistent

    5 That has been an issue with hero abilities since day 1
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