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One Change: Galactic Assault



  • 1.Weather change - rain-storm-fog etc
    2. Better Squad System!

  • Health regained passively for all heroes so we can use 3 star cards for other combinations - it is a bit annoying to have to use 1 star card slot for HoK, given that the plan (as far as I can tell) is to give all heroes the ability to regain lost health. Doesn't have to neccesarily be HoK, but some way of doing it would be nice (maybe HoK for the heroes that do have it currently but maybe the weaker heroes like CHewie, Phasma, Finn and even Boba could have some other method of regaining health).
  • Royal_Redness
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    edited November 2018
    Revert speeders back to how they were before this patch - they’re worthless now.
  • I would like to be able to choose my Spawn point.
  • Now that i really thought about it. Disable roll when you get hit. Also melee should not do more damage than your blaster. The aiming of the speeders are awful. The rolls are A bit much especially when you get hit by a saber. No real star wars authenticity in that.
  • Gaz
    53 posts Member
    - Add game chat for squad members

    - Increase number of tickets (default is 100)

    - Make objectives more fun like at Geonosis, so no boring securing points like the 1st, 2nd and 3rd phase on Jakku.

    - No chokepoints or add more flank options. (Kamino is hard for attackers with limited flanking options.)

    - Add weather effects during battle (blizzard storms on Hoth, sudden rainfall on Endor, ...)

    - Do something against people camping at menu screen waiting for a hero.

    - Increase player size from 40 to 64?

    +1 Totally agree
  • The server performance. Joining a lobby in this game is a lottery especially in GA. Sometimes you're a terminator, next time nothing registers at all.

    This is the only thing that keeps me from really enjoying this game.

    15hz tick rate?
  • JediPacoElFlaco
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    edited November 2018
    More maps.

    Improves for Geonosis:
    - More players: 48, 56 or 64
    - Playable: OG-9, Dwarf spider droid, Droideka, LAAT, Hellfire droid, Geonosian soldier. Geonosian starfighter, Geonosian cannon, MagnaGuard IG-100, ARC trooper and Clone commando.
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  • End the EORMM

  • Afrom3istwr
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    edited November 2018
    I'd like to see a smaller health buff given out to infantry from Yoda. It's still one of the biggest problems, especially with phases that are extremely close quarters.

    There should be a health buff cap of 120 on all non-heroes because right now on GA players grab him when their team is getting wrecked to clog up chokepoints, making it extremely easy to drain tickets.

    Also, shorter spawn times or no spawn times at all. Another problem in GA now, is that everyone respawns well before completing a phase, to snag a hero.
  • Please reduce the the battlepoint percentage reduction you get when you play as an enforcer
    Makes me never want to pick them because I’ll never earn enough to get a hero
  • Raices wrote: »
    Health-on-kill by default on every hero OR remove them of the mini map

    this and please make it so there is only 2 enforcers at a time on each team.
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  • New reinforcements

    “Pessimism never won any battle.”
    -Dwight D. Eisenhower

    “Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They’re just braver five minutes longer.”
    -Ronald Reagan
  • Liz4rD
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    edited November 2018
    - More Starfighter Assault content
    - Rebuild lightsaber combat to reach the level it deserves.
    - More weapons
    - End or rebuild EOR MM to make it work properly for EVERYONE.
    - More content to Extraction, Strike and HvsV
    - Squad chat
    - Server browser, themed playlists
    - Bug fixes
    - More arcade offline content
    - Bring back the back end (servers) that were taken down, to make the game population increase and give proper service to immense areas of the world that in this very moment are totally forgot and despised by EA/DICE.

    THIS (for a start)
  • hsf_
    1988 posts Member
    I would like to be able to play a full game without getting kicked for having a low ping please... I mean my ping on pingtest is 9ms, yet I'm getting kicked from games because I've "timed out"....
  • Well, the biggest issue with GA right now in my opinion is game balance. Everything else seems to be "ok-ish".

    Can't decide between these three changes so here they are regardless even though you said list one.

    - Remove "bump"/collision damage mechanics from vehicles ENTIRELY, can't recall how many times I've been instantly killed by some just by slightly tapping them. Though it may be prudent to keep these bump/collision damage mechanics for objective vehicles such as the MTT, AT-AT, AT-TE, etc, etc so they still remain somewhat of a threat and are something players are going to want to keep their distance from.

    - Remove hero markers from the radar/mini map. This goes doubly so for saber users for obvious reasons

    - Starfighters in GA, bad idea, they need to go or be reworked to the point where they're damn near useless against ground targets other than ground vehicles.

    This is coming from someone who's done QA testing for various games in the past, both Triple A and Indie.
  • I'd like for maps to only be played once not twice in a row. Then in a given play session I'd get to play on more maps and not get stuck playing maps I dislike (Jakku, Kashyyk) twice.
  • Available offline with bots.
  • More maps, please!!!
  • Choose map option like BF1. More maps, but I know you have to think ahead to BF3 now, but please keep GA as is.
    Please stop turning off maps "in celebration" of a new prequel character. Getting stuck with the same few maps gets old real fast. It doesn't matter that they're related to the era of the character.
  • For those moaning about hero's in certain modes go play battlefield and play large scale modes without to your hearts content, now if this conquest mode doesn't have them then it loses its appeal imo
  • More scenarios like Geonosis. Specifically, I loved the player-controlled AT-TEs and everyone working together for the final push.

    I'd love to see more Galactic Assault maps with AT-TEs and/or that type of scenario. The Beta Outpost, Twilight on Hoth, Sorosuub Complex, Cloud City, or Landing Pad 13 maps from SWBF 2015 would be awesome for additional multiple player-controlled large vehicles. Just picturing those with multiple AT-ATs and increased team play would be so cool!
  • Higher reward for Objective Play and Winning Team


    Limited hero time per spawn
  • Fix lag issues
  • Map or era map selection.
  • Make all vehicles fully controllable. Especially the LAAT. Me and my friends were so disappointed that we could not drive it and transport eachother!
  • Wait wait I take it back ewok on Endor instead of Wookie.
  • As many others have stated. Map selection which would include removing EORMM. Map voting would be an improvement, but I'd prefer to break the maps up into trilogies.

    I do appreciate the efforts you seem to be making. Especially asking for our input.
  • Turn off End Of Round Matchmaking and apologize.
  • AuraStorm
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    edited December 2018
    Killswitch EOR matchmaking, it doesn’t work, and apologize for claiming you aren’t ignoring feedback
  • ****Map selection should come down to 3 choices (Clone Maps, Air Support Maps, Shooter Maps)****
    1. Put the Shooter maps (Yavin, Jakku, Death Star, Endor) in their own category. These maps should be Heroes with blasters only (IMO)
    2. The Clone maps should be limited to the heroes of the era (Theed, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Geonosis)
    3. The Air Support maps (my favorite) are obviously (Tatooine, Hoth, Star Killer, Crait) - and should be open to 'All-Out-Assault-Unleashed'. Mix it up - this world is cruel. Don't be surprised if the other maps have tumble weeds.
    But if you like Blast - then the Shooter maps are a good choice. Clones for Clones. Unleashed for the insane.
    **Palpatine is the exception bc he's neither blaster or saber in this game.**
    So, there are 3 choices with 4 maps in each category. Galactic Assault is difficult to judge - but thank you for asking...
  • 1 change: do NOT listen to any player about anything. they ruin the game.
    Ace speeder pilot. playa from day 1 when shift was real
  • Optional objectives or small "missions" on each phase, to gain a small amount of available troops
  • Stop restricting maps

    I’m sick of clone wars
  • Another vote for "no cross-era heroes" here, and I posted something similar in another thread that there should be versions or skins for heroes in different era's. No need to change abilities. Example...

    Jango Fett instead of Boba for CW maps, same with Sidious instead of Palpatine, Padmé instead of Leia etc.
  • Omniscient wrote: »
    EightMile wrote: »
    1 change: do NOT listen to any player about anything. they ruin the game.

    So, by that line of reasoning, they shouldn’t listen to what you just said. :p

  • EOR challenge screen be broken up to categorys. You click on category and challenges only under that category Example.

    Heros challenges.

    Troopers challenges.

    Weapon challenges.

    Daily challenges.

    So easier for players to check while in game.
    "if You Only Knew The Power Of The Dark Side"~Darth Vader.
  • No wookie warriors.
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