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Let's talk about servers and matchmaking

First of all, I play on PC, I don't know if this situation is the same for PS4 and XONE.

After about 20 hours of gameplay and a lot of frustration at not being able to find matches, it does not matter if I put Oregon or Virginia I came to the conclusion that we need to talk about the servers and the matchmaking system. (And pray for EA's lazy staffers to read and do something about it).

This is what I realized:
If after some time the game does not find a match for you, it will create a new one and after many tests (waiting, leaving and trying to match again) I noticed that the system keeps trying to create new matches, very rarely sending me to a match that is ongoing. Why does not the system put me in a game with other people waiting? Even if it's a game with 3-4 people? It's literally impossible for the game to have no more matches if I just left a full match to improve my collection.

My proposals (and they are simple things, for the love of holy God):
Increase the time to create a new match to, I do not know, 5, 10 or even 15 minutes after searching.
Doing this, in addition to drastically reducing the number of games created it will still encourage players to stay in the game created (after waiting so long) and will encourage players who are placed in that game to stay, since the system will be putting them back to that match that still do not have the minimum amount to start.

Another suggestion would be to create a queue instead of creating new matches. If you are alone or in pairs (since full squads takes more slots), you (and your friend) will enter a game in progress or one that it is over and some people left and so on the people in queue will enter the match.
The catch of this idea is this, if by chance the people in the ongoing matches do not leave even after the finish and the queue keeps increasing until reaching 20 people which is the minimum to start a new match (in the case of Galatic Assault), all those people who were in the queue would be directed to a new server and start playing (all the 20 players from the queue).

The current system is crap and is only causing frustration.

Let's give more ideas and make EA (DICE)'s team look at this topic.

The ideas proposed by me are simple and would even use less resources (servers, bandwish, the whole package) than the current system that is creating millions of servers with 1-2 players.
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