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Geonosis: Homing spider shooting you randomly is just stupid.

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edited November 2018
Is stupid that some object in the background starting to shoot you. At least make them controllable by players so they can enter them and shoot.
OR remove them at all.

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  • No that is the point of the level to give you the feeling that there is this huge battle going on.

    yeah I would like both the homing droid and the dwarf droid to be playable vehicles, but they shouldn't just turn them off.

    I think that Dice needs to prevent them from firing on people and focus on vehicles only because that is probably the worst part about them when they fire on you and you can't really do anything to stop them if your not a heavy or in a vehicle. Especially when going into phase 3 and your have to get close to them and your team isn't killing them.... it's a death trap.

    Maybe later when people get the map more and understand that all of the homing spiders need to be killed to advanced then they can allow the homing spiders to shoot at infantry again.

    I want them to keep shooting and to be AI players, until they can make them a usable vehicle. Like make 1 or two playable vehicles and the rest can go back to being AI until someone is controlling them. Just like the AT-AT & MTT. They need to do the same thing with the snail droid on Kashyyk, make one playable in phase 1 of the map only.
  • I was Rey and i had a nice fight with Kylo. I managed to kill him but he did great damage to me aswell... and guess what the spider droid killed me without having a chance to defend myself.

    IT's not fair.
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