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My suggestions for the lightsaber combat rework:

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edited November 2018
Attacking against a blocking enemy continually with no knockback and they receive no damage. This would engage animations similar to what we see in the trailer for SWBFII when Kylo and Rey fight, with sabers connecting.

The blocking player will run out of stamina faster than the attacking player to discourage turtling.

If you block for too long your guard will break and you get the knockback effect and are vulnerable to 2 strikes.

However if you time a tap block just as you receive a strike you will knock back the enemy with a parry, leaving them open to 2 strikes. After the counter strikes, the enemy can recover into a blocking stance until they have their guard broken, parry or run out of stamina. If they are fast enough, the enemy could block the third attempted attack and parry the fourth strike straight into another knockback to change the flow of combat.

This would create a sort of back and forth in dueling and also psyching eachother out by reverting from strikes into a blocking stance and trying to force the enemy to fall for a parry.

Holding block would activate a blocking stance. Tapping block would activate a parry animation.

You must block at least one strike before you can successfully parry. This discourages turtling as you can't simply wait to be attacked and instantly parry. If you attempt a parry by tapping block when not being attacked this would have a large stamina drain.

This method would therefore require holding block and then tapping it as a second or third strike comes in.

This creates another mind game because a player could attack in order to force a block and then revert to a blocking stance instead of a second strike, while the other player attempts a parry, anticipating a second strike. This drains their stamina and leaves them vulnerable for a guard break with low stamina.

Also, to improve flow, dodging and some abilities such as Luke and Mauls dash attacks should be usable in mid air. This would improve movement and survivability.

Heroes also generally feel quite weak. I think each hero should get a health increase of about 500 so that they really feel threatening on the field.


  • Ever played For Honor?
    Basically, my squad and I realized that this game, and any game in the future that has lightsaber combat, basically needs to have a dual/parry system like For Honor. Maybe a bit simplified...but yea. Some of what you mentioned with "timing blocks" sounds a lot like my experience with that game.
  • 2:05 it should be like this
  • Thanks for putting the time to write this. Completely agree.
  • yoda and darth maul needs a real block! how can a lightsaber user not need a block??
    especially those 2 characters, should be master in blocking (lorewise)
    in HvsV those characters are so unballanced.. playing them means just ambushing and run away - not a fun gameplay imo
    rarely anyone uses them there, and if they do, they are just easy targets
  • Kuzuri 93, I absolutely agree with your ideas here it sounds like a good combat system for this game.

    I think the health increase is a good idea too for HVV or alternatively an improvment to doging to give the player more of a chance in a 4v1 situation. not too sure on how that will affect GA tho, I like the idea of there being separate balancing for different game modes.

    Aswell as being able to use spin/dash midair for luke, maul and yoda.
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