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Prequel HvV maps

Seeings though I and a lot of people have been playing HvV over this weekend on Prequel maps as part of the Geonosis update event after playing so many rounds on Kashyyyk and Kamino I believe it’s time that they either change the map layouts or remove them permanently. I and I bet a substantial amount of money everyone is absolutely fed up of being “Knocked out of combat” from Force pushes from the likes of Luke, Obi-wan, Maul and Yoda. I mean instead of fighting in the trees on Kashyyyk why not in the hangar of the Venator class destroyer? or in control room on Kamino? Just a thought DICE @F8RGE


  • I completely agree with you, I don't know who had the idea of having half the maps in that gamemode be 100 stories high and have half the deaths be from falling off, but they have to add more maps or change it soon.
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