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My first impressions on Battlefront 2015!

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Soo I finally did it,I bought ultimate edition of 1st Ea's battlefront on ps4 and this is what I have to say:

-The game is really fun! And there are soo many guns and Jabba's contracts are such a good concept for getting guns or star cards which are abilitys.
-The jetpack is a MUST NEED starcard!
-Getting and playing as hero is epic and I don't have a problem with thpse token systems to get heroes,becouse I easily get them,but I get angry when the bug happens and I don't get the hero >:(

My main hero and my girlfriend is Greedo (DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER?!)

-Dog-figting and flying in vehiles is garbage
-Both sides have only 1 lightside hero and they are really anoying and figting against them as a blaster hero is anoying becouse you an't dodge their saber attacks!
-The game only has maps and content from original triology,but it's impressive how Dice made soo much content for the game,while being limited to only original triology
-There are 4 dlc expansions that I sadly rarely get games on,but playing on them is worth waiting to get into.
-There is more than 15 gamemodes which is 2X more than how much the 2nd game has

Overall? Decent game for 5 bucks,but I think the Offer for that price is over for ps4,but It will come back eventually..


  • Clusterwatch
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    One more thing:I was actually right about Greedo's gender.
  • I always had more fun with BF2015 than I have playing BF2.
  • Game ahead of it’s time imo, bf2 is for the guys that sucked in the 1st game, ok I’m kiddin, sort of. Geonosis is the only somewhat semblance to 15 and is by far my favorite map, not necessarily cosmetically but how it plays.
  • IronSoldier
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    Post approved after it got caught up in the mod queue.
  • I did the same thing, bought it actually one day before Geonosis' release lol and now I'm playing both games. The lobbies are surprisingly full, I even got to play sabotage on Bespin and I love this map already. I play BF2 a lot but never tried this one.
    The gunplay here feels really easy - first match was supremacy on Jakku and I got about 30 kills with Boba Fett, guess that's ok. Still prefer BF2 but the first one is fun to play too.
  • And I forgot 1 thing that Swb2015 has and Swbf2 doesn't:
    Bf2015 has Death star trench run!
  • Yap, great game, but the matching system is terrible. If there will be no change, i guess will leave the game behind. Would be great to have little more server wise freedom!
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