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Upgrade X-Wing and Luke Starfighter

I never said anything before, but it always bugged me how the X-Wing's lasers overheat so quickly. That is especially annoying when you're fighting a highly maneuverable interceptor. Could you please increase the base duration for the X-Wing's laser/quad laser cannons before they overheat, or add the Star Card Advanced Capacitors?

I also wondered why Luke's X-Wing doesn't come with quad lasers. Obi-Wan's Guidance is OK, but could you also give his starfighter quad lasers? Thank you.


  • Bump.

    X-Wing definitely needs lasers to fire longer before overheat, or get the Advanced Capacitors star card. Luke needs Quad Lasers and Advanced Capacitors.

    After watching a video of the first Death Star battle, I also see that the X-Wing had dual protron torpedoes (not just Luke). X-Wing should also receive dual protron torpedoes.
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