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New soldiers: hand to hand

I think about this possibility for some time but although it's blasters, shooting, etc ... There are also melee fights and I think if we could consider setting up characters of this kind of more heroes who would be at the same level executors it would be a good idea.
Among the possible choices:

-Rebels and Resistance: soldiers armed with spades

-Republic: 2 choices Gungans or senate guard

-Empire: Guard of the Emperor

-Separatist: Magnagarde (it's funny nobody thinks of them)

-1st order: the executioners troopers OR (and it is + quickly the best choice) Snoke guards

VERY GOOD tell me what you think and I already say good game. (Think EA)


  • Melee only mode for troopers?
  • You could throw Ewoks (already in the game) and Tuskin raiders in there too.
  • Moxx wrote: »
    Melee only mode for troopers?

    I thought of a soldier with a little more life and speed than the executor and who would be a troop of support for the heroes: we have noticed that many times we can kill a hero with 3 shots of the Vanguard of the soldier, sniper infiltration and melee. So adding a support unit for the hero will allow the hero not to die too quickly. It's a proposal
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