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Timed Challenges - Please NO MORE mode-specific timed challenges for Ewok Hunt, Extraction, etc

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edited December 2018
Please stop giving me timed challenges in modes that no one plays, like Ewok Hunt and Extraction. I can never complete them because I dont want to sit in menus half the day trying to locate a game.

Please... NO mode specific timed challenges:

Maybe if we had a server browser, and could see when modes were populated, but as it is now, it's not even worth it to try for them. I just ignore all challenges that mention extraction or ewok hunt, which I dont think is the dev's intent? Amirite?
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  • bfloo
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    Since I started ignoring the daily challenges, I tend to get more credits than frustrating myself with them.
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  • Each to their own, I like the extraction ones and ignore the Ewok and often the GA ones!
  • Moxx
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    Point remains many players ignore some mode-specific ones. Im just surprised you find the extraction games to complete them.
  • Never have any trouble finding extraction games on Xbox in the UK, very popular.
  • Ah im on PC east coast NA. PC player base seems to be very small here.
  • Zinjo
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    edited December 2018
    The mode specific challenges appear to get players to try these modes.
    I never do the Ewok Hunt ones because I can't stand the mode, but all the rest I do. I find it helps to improve my game play when you are trying to do "that one thing". That and trying to upgrade my weapons.
    The Arcade ones are like getting an easy 600 credits and the rest give me 500 additional credits on top of what I've earned in the game.
    Now if only there were Imperial trooper skins to buy with all that loot... :'(

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