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More skins

Here we found the skins brought recently that are good / beautiful skins we can admit but there are some who have no skins or skins and who would be good to bring and I'm going to to quote some personal ideas:

-Phasma: broken helmet (during his fight against Finn)

-Maul: Hoodie (when he's with Sidious) + in the movie solo (old)

-Vader: injured (2 choices but one that would not go -> fight against Luke 6 ° film OR helmet broken against
ahsoka Tano from the rebels series)

-Luke: injured + farmer + driver (4th movie and 5th movie)

-Leia: princess (white dress, the first appearance of Leia)

-Finn: stormtroopers


Incidentally Obiwan, Luke, Leia, Solo and Luke seem "old" it would be great but hey I do not ask too much either.
In short to think.


  • I love the game but I feel like the product we have right now is pretty unfinished. I play the game everyday and for hours at a time but I regret buying the elite trooper package when it was coming out. It feels like there's so many possibilities for character skins/trooper skins/trooper accessories like visors and helmet stripes and ammo bags but they aren't putting any effort except the bare minimum because they promised all the dlcs would be free and they can't cash out on microtransactions anymore
  • Ultrastar
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    I mostly want Luke's Bespin outfit (clean and battle damaged) and his ANH Farmboy outfit.

    It would be the perfect time to release Luke's Bespin outfit and his ANH Farmboy outfit in the December update because it would be a great way to promote Lucasfilm's new animated series, 'Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures', that started on November 30th and takes place in the original trilogy.

    Many people would surely buy crystals to get those outfits. There's money to be made here, DICE!
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  • If they sprinkled all the skins from the original trilogy (and old skins from the sequel trilogy) that everyone has been asking for in with all of next years updates, that would be a small way of making everyone a lot happier with this game.
  • Jumbofish
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    Oh lord give me Maul with Robotic legs and a cape/hood to represent the Solo movie. What an awesome, Time-line appropriate, way to make the duel between Obi and Maul even more Epic.

    And yes. I'd pay money for skins... Like good money.
  • Jango Fett would be cool
    Leia fighting in a bright white dress? Aren't the storm troopers big enough targets without adding Leia to the mess?

    Besides with BF V released, Dice needs to clean up the game mechanics first or they'll lose everyone to THAT game!
    Someone Didn't like my signature asking for Inferno squad skins....
  • Leia is not on the same side as the stormtroopers so wouldn't the iconic white dress balance things up a bit?
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