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Multiplayer matchmaking needs rebalancing

This has probably been brought up before, but please hear me out. At launch the matchmaking system put together matches where one side is vastly superior to the other as a way to encourage players to buy crates to get star cards. Especially since the game 'helpfully' tells you what star cards the person who killed you is using so you can see how badly you were outmatched. Then in order to keep you playing, if you lost too many matches in a row you get put in a match where you're on the side that's overwhelmingly powerful.

Let's be brutally honest here, this is a horrible match making system. The best matches aren't the ones where your team is curb stomping the other team or where your team is getting curb stomped. The best matches are when you're facing people of roughly equal skill to you, and thus both sides have to work for victory. The most fun I've had in SW Battlefront 2 is when I'm doing Galactic Assault and it comes down to the wire due to the teams being so well matched. Quadruple overtime where the winning team will be the one that gets the first kill is a sign of a well balanced match.

Matchmaking as it stands right now isn't designed to encourage well balanced matches. It's designed to encourage loot box sales due to how the original progression system worked. It was a bad system then, and it's even worse now. With progression now being skill based rather then loot box based, matchmaking really does need to be re-balanced. But how to do that balance, I'm not entirely sure. Here are some suggestions though.

1. Go by Trooper levels. For example if your collection averages out at level 1-5 with in troop levels, you get grouped only with people who also average at level 1-5. As you play more, you'll gain levels with the classes you play the most, which will skew you into a higher bracket. I for example mainly play officers, and my officer class is now level 15. Other classes are around level 3-6, mostly due to the loot boxes I'd gotten with earned in-game currency before the progression system was changed. This would make my average trooper level 7.5 or so. My star cards are mainly rank 1 or 2, which is not going to be overwhelming against other people around my level. Maybe a bit for completely new players though.

2. Go by time played. If someone has 300+ hours logged into SWBF2 multiplayer, it's just not fair to throw them up against players who've only had the game a week or two or who only play a match or two of multiplayer in a given week at most.

3. Let someone select their class, then lock them into that class for the match (when not using a Hero or elite at least). Then do match making based only on the level of that class.

4. Do match making based on Milestones earned. If someone has the milestones for getting 500 kills with every troop class, every weapon unlocked, and so forth then throwing them up against someone who hasn't even gotten the "play X troop class for 10 minutes" milestones just isn't fair. But if you throw both players into matches with people who have the same milestone tiers unlocked it's going to be a much more interesting set of matches.

Would any of those ideas be workable? I don't know. But something should be done. The current system is designed around selling loot boxes for a progression system that was tied to those loot boxes. Progression is no longer tied to loot boxes, which is a good thing. So why is multiplayer match making still tied to trying to sell those loot boxes?


  • Zinjo
    202 posts Member
    It's been brought up before and the new matchmaking system is better, but painfully slow. It doesn't work every time, but the days of grossly unbalanced sides are less now.
    That doesn't mean the system is perfect, it still needs a lot more work.

  • As a new player, I completely agree. The worst thing about this game is that it has NO level balancing system for multiplayer which makes it impossible to enjoy for new players. New players should be paired with other new players, not with veteran players who squish them like little bugs all the time.
  • I firmly believe there is no matchmaking and every match is just random. The perceived effect of matchmaking "working" but slowly is just luck and nothing more.
  • Part of the "Newbie" problem is the offline, single player version does not offer a GA experience like BF1 did/does. No AI bots of various levels (aside from the Iden storyline and arcade battles with ridiculous AI bots) and only partial maps of the full GA games .. and no practice of working to achieve goals (such as holding the cantina on Tatooine).

    My first experiences with online GA games was pretty frustrating; but the aware player will fall in line in a few goes at it. Yes, EA & DICE could and should augment the offline play to more closely resemble online game strategy, but the leap is not impossible.

    How can you,.e.g., balance newbie players who borrow and play on their bestie's XBox or PS4 for a while? Happens all the time in the college dorms... .

    Skill, by the way, is only one aspect of the balance equation. Game lag is often as big or bigger an issue. How hard is it to duck or dog when one's ping times average over 150ms? Doesn't matter how much 'skill' one possesses at that point---the game just becomes unplayable, and your team is effectively out a whole 1/20th contribution. 2 or 3 ghost slots and you have a team that cannot compete on equal footing no matter how skilled the team members are.

    I mentioned in another thread, average lag times can be monitored by DICE/EA and player re-pop times e.g., can be lengthened or shortened depending on how your average ping times are measuring.
  • willywonka7
    1556 posts Member
    edited January 7
    The current problem with the matchmaking is that game tries to balance the team.....when you are playing by that you win approximately every 3 rounds and balance the team so that you lose every 3 rounds. I've played thousands of games on Battlefront 2 and I would wager everything that Dice has made the game to balance it so you win and lose pretty evenly, so that you have an approximately 50% win/lose rate. Here is a video that describes what I am talking about with the game balancing.


    They need to just do balance players based on a moving average rank that takes in consideration the last 10-20 games you have played and how you have ranked in those games to determine your rank and then balance each team so that the ranks come out to be as even as possible. That way the players determine the outcome of the game and not the game balancing throwing all the noobs on one side and most of the skilled/experienced players onto the other.
  • Zinjo
    202 posts Member
    ID_8615 wrote: »
    Part of the "Newbie" problem is the offline, single player version does not offer a GA experience like BF1 did/does. No AI bots of various levels (aside from the Iden storyline and arcade battles with ridiculous AI bots) and only partial maps of the full GA games .. and no practice of working to achieve goals (such as holding the cantina on Tatooine).
    Actually it does in Arcade, in "Custom Arcade". You select single player and then essentially "set up" your own battle. You get troopers and everything. You can also set the difficulty level as well.


  • Yes, but the maps are very limited and so is the action; it's quite mundane compared to what BF1 offered. At least there one could still play full walker assaults, survival scenarios, and also limited scope battles while offline.

    BF2 allows custom arcade battles, but they are only a fraction of what BF1 offered in offline games.
  • willywonka7
    1556 posts Member
    edited January 10
    I would have to agree that arcade in this game is completely lacking compared to Battlefront 1. .....that's why I never play it.

    My wife and I beat the entire arcade on expert difficulty because it was super fun. Now I never even touch arcade in this mode because it's super boring.

    Also the AI is useless in this game too and they don't spawn near enough enemies to be considered a challenge at all.
  • I had to dig up my old account just so I can comment and voice how utterly frustrated and tilted I am with this game. I got it when it was on sale this month, having heard there's been enough added to it to overlook the ***** that was the lootbox deal, and lo and behold, there are still more issues that EA and DICE will continue to ignore to instead add in cosmetics, reminds me of Overwatch.

    There is no balance. Period. Games are thrown together randomly, with no care for character levels, skill level, time played, star card rarity. Absolutely nothing. I'm tired. TIRED. TIRED of trying to play any mode at all and being put up against nothing but level 70 troopers and level 40 everything else who have played since launch and know every nuance, trick, gimmick, cheat and anything else to give them an advantage against everyone else.

    I've barely been able to get my troopers up to level 35 by basically being a lemming and throwing myself against objectives for the high point reward, and even now, with purple rarity star cards, the moment a max level hero comes near me, I have no chance to even hit them at all thanks to how jerky the animations for lightsaber users are, and even then they have so much health it takes my entire squad and several other players blasting them to drain their health away. The heroes are beyond broken, they aren't overpowered, they are neigh unkillable the moment they have access to purple cards.

    Combine all that with the lackadaisical manner the game puts matches together, means no new player will have consistent fun until they have reached the level necessary for every class to gain purple rarity cards, and thus renew the cycle by subjecting new players to face off against people who have ability and skills and time well above them.

    I don't know what it will take for DICE or Ea or whoever needs to be alerted to these issues since they have apparently been a problem since launch, but this is beyond infuriating and needs to be addressed. NOW.
  • Yep they really need to address matchmaking again it's horrible in this game especially if your playing HvV!
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