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Are you serious guys???

Couple things here......

1.Specialists on a constant basis have this ability to shoot thru walls. at an unibaginable distance in a line of sighted position. ( meaning i am ling of sighted when the camera pinwheeels to my killer.) this has got tostop the specialist is the most annoying **** class in this game anyways.

2. MATCHMAKING. i know this may seem like a broken record but matchmaking is almost like premade vs pug anymore. FIX THE **** YOU NOOBS!!! I have no idea why you all seem to want to or maybe it just happens without you knowing but good lord people. theres is a laundry list of **** that needs fixed in this game. And theres no effort to get it done. (for fear of retribution im going to leav the company name out of this) i guess ______ does what _____ does best


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